Building Your Racecraft Fundamentals

This week you are going to learn how to build up your racecraft fundamentals as well as get the latest racing series news in another Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup.

You will also find out about the new Ginetta GT4 race car, see the winning lap from Prodigy Week and get the details on the return of F4 to Australia. It’s all here and much more in this week’s Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

In the paid edition of On Racing Drivers by Terence Dove, Dove looks at Genius Colin Chapman’s Wicked Fast but Deadly Approach, is Racing Driver Rocket Fuel.

Colin’s idea of a Grand Prix car was it should win the race and, as it crossed the finishing line, it should collapse in a heap of bits. If it didn’t do that, it was built too strongly.

-Innes Ireland (unhappy with his Lotus brakes failing)

That’s a proper racing driver way of thinking. Light, fast af and living with, and relishing in, high personal risk.

Genius Colin Chapman’s Wicked Fast but Deadly Approach, is Racing Driver Rocket Fuel

On Episode 157 of the Speed Secrets Podcast from September 2020, Samir Abid and host Ross Bentley get into how best to use data to help you become an even better driver, managing the driver’s mind when it’s too analytical and focused on data, and how to use the data from another driver to improve your own driving. You can listen here.

Building Your Racecraft Fundamentals

The video above goes on board with Brazil’s Gustavo Ariel as he runs his fastest lap in the Radical SR1 at Prodigy Week. The PRL’s first Prodigy Pass winner became the first Prodigy Week Radical SR1 competition winner!

Here is a free preview lesson from Your Data Driven’s Motorsports Data Analysis Course: Unlock the Secrets Hiding in Your Data.

You know motorsport data’s potential — it’s why all the pro teams use it. Yet, if you rarely use the systems, rely on self-taught methods, or just don’t know where to start when time is tight, that data can quickly become a costly, untapped resource you’re not fully exploiting.”

Building Your Racecraft Fundamentals

The video above is from Blayze’s Dion von Moltke on building your racecraft fundamentals.

Ross Bentley answers the question in his regular Ask Ross column, how should I practice being a smoother driver?

Building Your Racecraft Fundamentals
How Formula 1 drivers overtake.

Race Car & Series Developments

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

The World Endurance Championship has announced that 2024 will feature a record-breaking 19 Hypercars and 18 entries in the new LMGT3 class. A staggering number of 14 manufacturers, the highest in FIA WEC history, will be represented across both classes. They have also announced that they plan to increase the grid in 2025 to 40 cars.

The 2024 Fanatec GT World Challenge Powered by AWS calendar is now complete following the announcement of the full Australian schedule. Established in 2019, the global competition draws upon established continental series in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Each continues to run as a standalone championship while also counting towards the Fanatec GT World Challenge Powered by AWS manufacturers’ standings. This year has featured seven elite brands and, with a final round to run this weekend, Mercedes-AMG cannot be beaten.

FEL Motorsports has announced a new class for the Radical Cup Canada (RCC) presented by Michelin beginning in 2024. The Masters class is a separate competition within the championship dedicated to the most competitive drivers aged 40 and older.

The new Masters class is intended to recognize those who may not be competing at the front of the grid overall, but are nonetheless pushing the limits of themselves on-track and winning battles throughout the field.

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

After having provided a sneak peak a few weeks ago, Ginetta has unveiled the 2024 G56 GT4 Evo. The new car introduces a comprehensive evolution package, incorporating significant enhancements to key areas to elevate the car’s on-track performance. Homologated for GT series and endurance racing worldwide, this model focuses on improvements in cooling and on-track performance gains, addressing issues such as tire heat and degradation.

Mike Simpson, Ginetta’s director of motorsport, explained, “The 2024 G56 GT4 Evo is an improvement in every possible area. The evolution is the result of listening to customer feedback and developing what we believe is the best GT4 car on the market.

“We have strived for greater top speeds within the balance of performance management, adding weight lower down in the chassis gives us some wins in safety and torsional stiffness. The increased weight and higher ride height of the 2024 Evo has allowed more emphasis on the straight-line capability of the Ginetta making it a very competitive car for the gentlemen and professional drivers.”

Formula 4 is returning to Australia next year with Asian promoter Top Speed announcing a five-round calendar. The series will run as Formula 4 Australia Certified by the FIA, with four rounds in Australia and a season finale at Sepang in Malaysia.

Top Speed, which runs the FIA Formula 4 UAE and South East Asia series, and the FIA Formula Regional Middle East Championship, will provide the field of Abarth-powered Tatuus F4 T421 GEN2 cars for the Aussie series.

With more than 30 race weekends across the United States, the 2024 U.S. Majors Tour is one you won’t want to miss as the SCCA has released the full schedule.

Join organizers on Wednesday December 6th @ 9pm ET / 6pm PT to find out everything you need to know for the 2024 Spec MX-5 season – this is your chance to have your voice heard. Mazda Motorsports will be hosting a virtual Town Hall, where we will give a rundown of the upcoming 2024 season. In order to keep the meeting on target, only questions/comments which are submitted on this form will be replied to. Due to time restraints, not all questions/comments will be answered, however we will do our best – there is no limit to the amount of questions/comments for submission.

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