From Sim to DTM

Transitioning from Sim to DTM, this is the mantra of Tim Heinemann, a race driver with a rich background in sim racing, as he takes on the challenges of the DTM race series. This week, catch a glimpse of the trailer for his upcoming documentary, ‘The Rookie,’ chronicling his remarkable journey.

I also feature a great article on how online racing training can provide a unique access point into the sport, especially for those facing social, economic, and geographic barriers, tips on how to quickly learn new tracks and much more. It’s all in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup.

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From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

Starting March 26th you will be able to track the journey of sim racer turned DTM driver Tim Heinemann as he goes from from Sim to DTM in “The Rookie.” Watch the trailer above.

Rajah Caruth

Sportico has a great article on Rajah Caruth and the impact that iRacing has had on his real-world motorsport career. “His first career win last week in Las Vegas sheds light on the impact iRacing, a racing simulation video game, is having on NASCAR’s talent pipeline. Caruth’s victory has been celebrated by giants in the racing community like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and celebrities such as Kelly Rowland. He’s the latest example of how online racing training can provide a unique access point into the sport, especially for those facing social, economic and geographic barriers.”

In the video above, Suellio Almeida describes his journey from racing games to racing in the Real-World Radical Cup.

Competitive Sim Racing News

From Sim to DTM

Sim Racing Tips & Techniques

In the video above, Danny Lee explains how to learn tracks easily in sim racing.

“Always getting lost on tracks you’ve never driven before? Luckily, most of them have a consistent ‘language’ you can learn to read that’ll help you out LOADS. Try my tips to help you rapidly navigate and memorise most circuits when driving and learning them for the first time, so you can switch off that visual racing line and feel awesome.”

In the video above, get ready to find out how iRacing compares to real life from a professional racing driver. Bart Horsten is a real world British F4 and F3 driver and is here to provide you all the latest tips to ensure you are on pace in the wet in iRacing.

Sim Racing Tech Roundup

Here is a roundup of the latest sim racing tech news, reviews, and recommendations from around the world

I Accidentally Broke My Asetek QR Pins
It’s a tough thing to do. Make a folding cockpit that can you can set up inside a minute, which is sturdy enough to do the trick and cheap enough to stay out of reach of fixed rigs. Still, I can see why this design has stuck around for so long, they kinda nailed it.

General Sim Racing News

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