Our mission is to maximize your motorsport potential with the resources you need to make the right decisions now

Our goal is to provide you with the resources and tools to make your motorsport goals a reality.

Motorsport is expensive. Making sure you have enough information to make an intelligent decision with your dollars is why Motorsport Prospects was created.

Years of attending races and speaking to drivers, parents, team owners and officials made me understand that there was no central source of driver-related motorsport resources available.

Motorsport is not easy but it is possible to achieve your goals

Mark Boudreau Head Shot

“The more I talked with drivers, parents, team owners, motorsport professionals and series officials, the more I realized that the sport needed an independent go-to source for driver-related resources and advice covering the whole gamut of skills needed both in and out the car. This is why I started Motorsport Prospects.”

"Motorsport Prospects offers truly independent advice and guidance. Think of us as a guidance counselor for racing drivers. What you do with that information is completely up to you but at least you have the information you need to make an informed decision."
Mark Boudreau LLB, Publisher and CEO, Motorsport Prospects

Ben and Ross Hurst

"I am really glad to see you moving forward with Motorsport Prospects, I am sure your advice and content will be useful to aspiring racers looking to learn more about the world of motor racing and understanding what is required to succeed.  When my son Ben was looking to begin racing in the UK, you and I had several conversations and exchanged ideas.  I found your comments and advice helpful,  the costs and the commitments in motor racing are huge, and there is very little in the way of unbiased advice and information available and I appreciated the discussions we had together."
Ross Hurst, Father of British GT Driver Ben Hurst

Simon Pendlebury

"Since connecting with Mark online originally via FaceBook, he has assisted me in writing my first sponsorship proposal after deciding to step up from Karts to Cars. Mark has been on hand with no complaint, proof reading my proposal, providing advice for missing content and just general assistance. Motorsport Prospects is a fantastic service and one I shall be involved with in the very near future. Thanks Motorsport Prospects you are fantastic"
Simon Pendlebury, Spar Motorsport

Who is behind Motorsport Prospects?

Mark Boudreau

CEO & Publisher

With a background in law and an alumni of Western University's Faculty of Law, Mark applies the same concept of due diligence used in the legal field to the research he conducts both for the Motorsport Prospects directory and for individual clients. He is passionate in ensuring that all drivers, their family and advisors have the information they need to make an informed motorsport-related decision.