Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022

This week in the Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup there is some great stuff you need to check out. In Racecraft, I have a few podcast episodes you should listen to as well as tips on driving in the rain. In Driver Development, I bring you news on a new driver development program for women and details on this year’s edition of the 2022 Ferrari Driver Academy Asia Pacific and Oceania regional selection program as well as eye training drills. I also have some inspirational driver snapshots that you should read and learn from and much more.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques

  • On Episode 43 of the Your Data Driven podcast, endurance racer Janine Shoffner discusses learning to race at the infamous Nordscheife Nürburgring or Green Hell. “In this show we discuss how a chance track day outing lead to her being training by the late-great Sabine Schmitz and sparking a life long passion for racing. Janine Shoffner shares tips you can try on fitness and mental preparation as well as many other fun stories along the way.” You can listen here.
  • Meanwhile, on Episode 7 of the No Dumb Questions with Jeff Braun Speed Secrets podcast, Ross Bentley and Jeff answer listener submitted questions. “On this episode, Jeff and I answer how you know where your End-of-Braking point is and if you can you use data to find it. We also discuss a common race car driver pastime: roasting your own coffee blends!” You can listen to the episode here.
Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022
Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022
  • Check out the video Good Lap vs Great Lap on the Formula 1 website as “Alex Brundle analyses just where the differences were between the two Red Bull drivers in the first part of qualifying (in Canada 2019), with Verstappen managing to go four-tenths of a second faster than the Frenchman.”
  • In Behind the Veil on the The Optimum Drive blog, author Paul Gerrard looks at tricks on increasing your minimum speed. “There are more layers when it comes to what great drivers are doing. You hear minimum speed (or rolling speed) often these days (focus and phrasing seem to go in and out of fashion much like anything else). “Gotta’ get those minimum speeds up” or “carry more rolling speed into the corner”, sounds great but how the heck do you do that?

Driver Development News & Resources

Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022
Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022
  • David Coulthard may take issue with Chadwick’s statement above. Together with his business partner Karel Komarek, he has launched the driver development program for women they call More Than Equal as they work to bring a female driver to F1. He explains to Motorsport.com why women racers are more than equal. “More than equal will seek through data and research to break down misconceptions about women racers, such as lack of strength, aggression, or willingness to put themselves in harm’s way. These have created barriers in the past. Coulthard cites female boxers like Olympic champion Nicola Adams and female combat pilots who served in Afghanistan. He firmly believes that racers do not consider that they can get hurt when they get into a racing car and dismisses any suggestion that it is different for women. He cites his own poignant example of getting his first F1 drive for Williams in 1994, replacing the recently deceased Ayrton Senna.”
  • Blayze looks at Eye Training Drills For Motorsport Athletes. “In motorsports, athletes need to have remarkable visual skills. The ability to focus, use quick reactions, and track fast-moving objects can make a difference in winning and losing as well as staying safe on the racetrack. Being able to increase your visual awareness can help give you a competitive edge.”
  • With the news that Ferdinand Habsburg setting up the first fan-owned and run sportscar team for next year’s World Endurance Championship, part of the plan will be funding young drivers. “He also raised the prospect of the community he is setting up deciding to fund an up-and-coming driver in single-seaters. “My goal is give a platform to fans who could support a driver coming out of Formula 4 who doesn’t have the money to move up to Formula 3, and maybe to fund the first ever fan-supported Formula 1 driver,” he said.”
  • For those who may not be aware, ultra-successful racing team Kelly Moss Road and Race offers an online race training membership program with their Kelly Moss Drivers Academy. “Learning off-track is a key secret to becoming a faster racer on track. Kelly Moss Academy lays bare our secrets, tips and techniques.”
Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022
Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022
  • Electric Racer and Motorsport Prospects contributor Ellis Spiezia discusses his progress on the electric racing development ladder and the future of sustainable motorsport in his interview with the Global Innovation Forum. You can watch the video above and I have included the graphic he used in his presentation as well.
Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022
  • Enzo Mucci looks at How To Qualify Like A Champion in his latest video above. “If you want to be a champion then you must be FAST. That also means being able to perform at your best in qualifying. Whether in F1 or Karting, it is up to you to allow yourself to perform when the pressure is on. To perform on demand.”
  • Finally, you have seen me regularly link to content from Belinda Riseley of MotiV8 Training. Speed Cafe checked in with Belinda where she explains what MotiV8 is up to and their plans for the future. “Her biggest motivation is helping younger drivers find their brand and passion. Sensing the difficulty of finding sponsorship for young drivers, it’s been her main focus for the online programme.”

Driver Snapshots

Learning from the experience of others is key to succeeding in any walk of life and racing is no different. In Driver Snapshots, I will feature the experiences of various drivers where you can get some perspective on what they have gone through (and continue to go through) as they work to make their motorsport careers happen. I hope you can take some lessons from these experiences and apply them to your own motorsport careers.

Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup for July 11, 2022

“It is all mind over matter, that is my key piece of advice” Nikhil Sachania

The Kenyan rally drivers breaking down barriers
  • In The Crohn’s Disease battle that a promising Brit faces on his F3 return, Jony Edgar explains to Autosport how he came back to race at Silverstone. “Despite it being a huge decision to stop racing, Edgar says it was “quite easy” to make, as “it wasn’t worth carrying on.” But, he adds: “I was quite sure at one time, I’d be fine. I didn’t think it’d be as early as Silverstone, but at least next year, I’d be okay to start racing again.””
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