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How Two Sim Racers Won a National Motorsport Championship

Gordie Mutch and Jimmy Broadbent on Podium

How two sim racers won a national motorsport championship (the UK’s Praga Cup) is just one of three stories in my regular section From Sim Racing to the Real Thing that again demonstrates how sim racers are making the move to real world racing or using sim racing to fine tune their real world racecraft. … Read more

Sim Racing and Esports News for June 2, 2022

Sim Racing and Esports News for June 2, 2022

This week in Sim Racing and Esports News there is a lot of great news to digest. I bring you information on the upcoming RENNSPORT sim racing game, a Digital Communications Award for competitors in the Rally Star initiative, how to learn from real-world racers, Porsche’s new esports team and more. I also take you … Read more