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Radical and Praga Both Tease New Race Cars

Radical Motorsport Project 25

Radical Motorsport and Praga Cars have both teased new race cars for 2023 and that’s not all that is new in this week’s Motorsport Series News Roundup. In addition to the new cars from Radical and Praga, a new Formula Regional series in the Middle East has been announced as well as a new F4 … Read more

The Last Lap for March 6, 2022-Sunday Shelby Fun

The Motorsport Prospects Last Lap for March 6, 2022

As you settle down to the MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix today, spend a few moments with the Motorsport Prospects Last Lap. I have all kinds of cool motorsport-related fun things for you today including some great stuff for fans of motorsport icon Carroll Shelby, a wonderful vacation idea, and a few cars that you may … Read more