Ligier Introduces the 2025 JS P325 LMP3

Ligier JS P325

Ligier introduces the 2025 JS P325 LMP3 and this week I have all the details. I also have more race car news on the new BMW M4 GT3 Evo and a track test of an ND-chassis Mazda MX-5 Cup Car. As usual I also have some great racecraft advice plus the history of Italian F4 … Read more

The Ligier JS F422 Debuts

Ligier JS F422

The Ligier JS F422 took to the track in anger for the first time recently and I have the details on this new Formula 4 chassis and engine. I also have some great racecraft tips, details on the changes to the Macau Grand Prix and an opportunity to race a Radical at Paul Ricard. All … Read more

LMP2 Faces Pivotal Moment


LMP2 faces a pivotal moment as teams are waiting on when the next rules cycle takes effect and what the implications are for the grid. Full details in this week’s Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup. I also have a video on the importance of race drivers delivering on demand, how to make sense of your … Read more

Pre-Race Yoga with Lando Norris

Pre-race yoga routine with Lando Norris

This week I have for you a re-race yoga routine from Lando Norris, advice from pro drivers on how to learn a new racetrack and techniques to develop your mental fitness. It’s all in this week’s edition of the Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Racecraft Tips & Techniques On-Track When you turn … Read more

Training Like an Indy 500 Champion

2023 Indy 500

This week you will learn how to train like an Indy 500 champion as I bring you video of a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like. I also have tips on using iRacing to help with your real-world racecraft, the incredible growth of Formula 4 and a chance for you to have … Read more

From Speed Demon to Sensible Racer: The Evolution of Nicki Thiim

Nicki Thiim

When it comes to endurance racing, one name that inevitably comes up is that of race driver Nicki Thiim. With two World Endurance Championship titles under his belt in 2016 and 2020, calling him experienced would be an understatement. Observing drivers like Nicki Thiim ply their trade on race tracks around the world, it’s hard … Read more

Testing the Maserati MCXtrema Track Car

Maserati MCXtrema

Testing the Maserati MCXtrema track car is just one of the items featured in this week’s Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup. There are also racecraft tips, advice on becoming a top race driver, road racing on a budget and more. It’s all in this week’s edition of the Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup on Motorsport … Read more

The 7 Technical Corner Types in Racing

The 7 Technical Corner Types in Racing

In racing, there is often debate on what corner types there are and how to categorise. A confusing categorisation is one that considers the corner AFTER, which doesn’t speak to the corner you’re actually in! The truth of the matter is that there are 7 technical corner types. It’s extremely important that as a racing … Read more

Using Data Acquisition to Find Lost Speed

Data Acquisition

This week is full of some great racecraft advice including using data acquisition to find lost speed and an explanation of weight transfer. I also have the V-CARB F1 Performance Coach on training a race winner, racing in Radicals from a newbie’s perspective and the return of the Spec MX-5 Master’s Championship. All this and … Read more

Introducing LowerLaptime Training

Lower Laptime Training Logo

LowerLaptime Training has just joined the Motorsport Prospects Directory and Martin has provided a 20 minute webinar which you can view above as an introduction to his Lowerlaptime Leap Program. Martin from lowerlaptime is a professional specialist coach for formula drivers. He is both an engineer and driver, who has experience coaching in open-formula categories … Read more

Racing Hell – The Hidden Truths of Motorsport

Racing Hell

(Veteran motor racer Peter Cate has compiled his learnings from more than thirty racing seasons into a recently published book, ‘Racing Hell – The Hidden Truths of Motorsport’. I asked Peter to provide an overview of his book and his intentions behind writing it. Mark) ‘Racing Hell’ is the book I wish I’d read in … Read more

Is It Your Set-Up or Your Driving Style?

Set-Up or Driving Style

When the lap times just aren’t coming in, how do you know whether you need to change the car set-up or something in your driving? This week you will find out what to do from several pro drivers, all part of this week’s racecraft tips. You will also learn of an exercise great at helping … Read more

The Power of Visualization

Power of Visualization

One of the best mental training exercises you can do is visualization. In addition to that it’s basically the one type of training in motorsport you can do completely for free. This should be enough reason to at least give it a try. Visualization simply comes down to your ability to imagine. You can do … Read more

2024 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Debuts

2024 Aston Martin Vantage GT3

The 2024 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 has debuted with the manufacturer claiming there could be up to 30 of its cars racing by the end of the year. Full details below. I also bring you details on a discount on Radical Cup North America fees, a new modern Formula Ford in the works, more racecraft … Read more

How to Learn a New Track from Scratch

Malaysia Track Map

This guide provides you with the steps to take, and what to look for when approaching a new track from scratch! There is information in every step. The most important thing is that you layer-up and layer-on the information, such that no detail has been missed; and your depth of understanding increases with every step. … Read more

More Racecraft Advice as You Prepare for 2024

Race Track Corner

This week I have more racecraft advice from prominent driver coaches to help you prepare for 2024. I also have information on two upcoming racecraft seminars you might want to attend, two driver fitness exercises you can conduct at home if you have limited time and a track walk of the The Bend Motorsport Park. … Read more

Revolution Race Cars Arrive & Drive

Revolution Race Cars

Revolution Race Cars have revealed the details of their Arrive & Drive packages for the UK and mainland Europe, and I have the details. I also have a number of racecraft tips for you, why using a simulator for driver training is becoming the norm for almost any type of race driver and a look … Read more

Making the Most Out of a Test Day & More Racecraft Tips

Radical on track

This week in the Racecraft and Race Cars Roundup you will learn how to make the most out of a test day. You will also get tips on racing on the rain and more. In Race Series news you will learn about the fallout from the Dubai 24 Hours date change, the path to the … Read more

Don’t Use F1 TV Graphics for Racecraft Advice

F1 TV Graphics

This week you will find out why you should not use F1 TV graphics for racecraft advice. You will also learn some more braking and shifting techniques, go behind the scenes of the 6 Hours of Monza and learn about the debut of a new Formula 4 series in the Middle East. All this and … Read more

New Racing Calendars and Opportunities


This week you will find out more details on various new race series calendars from the world of global motorsport plus some drive opportunities to pursue. I also bring details on the new Maserati GT2, 7 mistakes young race car drivers should avoid and why some drivers are lamenting the loss of LMP3 in the … Read more