Rob Smedley

The Importance of Using an Old-Fashioned Notebook

Old-Fashioned Notebook

This week you will learn about the importance of using an old-fashioned notebook from somebody whose success is a testament to its utility. You will also learn how to be a top driver, the life of a freelance GT professional and some exciting driver development programs in the karting world. All this and more in … Read more

Liberty Acquires MotoGP Commercial Rights


Liberty Media has acquired the commercial rights to MotoGP which means they now own the commercial rights to two global motorsport franchises. It is the headline story in this week’s Business of Motorsport Roundup. I also have details on the financial boost that Las Vegas received from their inaugural Grand Prix, IndyCar’s ongoing attempts at … Read more

The Many Emerging Paths to Race Driver Development

2023 Prodigy Week Podium

This week you will learn about the many emerging paths to race driver development as the sport embraces exciting new ways to develop race drivers. From a sim racing competition that results in a real-world race drive to an electric karting series that is working to enable a 1000-fold increase in motorsport participation, there are … Read more