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The Importance of Using an Old-Fashioned Notebook

Old-Fashioned Notebook

This week you will learn about the importance of using an old-fashioned notebook from somebody whose success is a testament to its utility. You will also learn how to be a top driver, the life of a freelance GT professional and some exciting driver development programs in the karting world. All this and more in … Read more

The Aspiring Driver Shootout is Back

Aspiring Driver Shootout

The Aspiring Driver Shootout is back for 2024 as PT Autosport has announced that applications are now open, and you will find all the details in this week’s Driver Development Roundup. You will also learn about maximizing opportunities when you get them, building a championship racer mindset and more. It’s all in this week’s edition … Read more

More Race Driver Scholarships to Consider

IMSA Diverse Race Driver Development Scholarship

This week you will find more race driver scholarship programs to consider, and I have all the details in my latest Driver Development Roundup. I also have news on why young drivers are going the IMSA route, how F1 teams work with F2 and F3 teams and how the F1 Academy is planning to spot … Read more

Gordon Murray on the Future of ICE

Gordon Murray on the Future of ICE

Gordon Murray discuses the future of internal combustion engines (ICE) as well as EVs in this edition of the Sustainable Motorsport Roundup. In addition to this perspective, you will get an update on the new all-electric STCC, hydrogen being delayed at Le Mans and the track layout for the inaugural Tokyo E-Prix. All this and … Read more

The Evolution of Motorsport Marketing

Bianca Bustamante: A Trailblazer in the Making

The evolution of motorsport marketing using as a case study McLaren F1 Academy driver Bianca Bustamante and her Anastasia Beverly Hills sponsorship is part of this week’s look at the Business of Being a Race Driver. There is also a look at authentic athlete branding, the revolutionary new all-electric karting series that is looking to … Read more

The Many Emerging Paths to Race Driver Development

2023 Prodigy Week Podium

This week you will learn about the many emerging paths to race driver development as the sport embraces exciting new ways to develop race drivers. From a sim racing competition that results in a real-world race drive to an electric karting series that is working to enable a 1000-fold increase in motorsport participation, there are … Read more

Finding Motorsport Talent the Sustainable Way

Global Karting League

This week I look at two racing series that are planning on finding motorsport talent the sustainable way using the latest electric motorsport technology combined with innovative race talent identification. In addition to these exciting developments, you will learn about NASCAR’s electric race car concept, whether hydrogen has a future in motorsport and developing IndyCar’s … Read more