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Honda Makes Surprising Reversal in F1 and Other Intriguing Motorsport Developments

Invicta Virtuosi Racing

Honda making a surprising reversal in F1 highlights this week’s Business of Motorsport Roundup as I cover that and other intriguing motorsport developments. I also look at whether the AlphaTauri F1 team is or is not for sale, what it is like running the “greatest spectacle in racing,” the possibility of the return of A1 … Read more

The Art of the Cold Pitch and More

Ferrari Challenge Paddock

A webinar on the art of the cold pitch is just one of the nuggets of race driver business information you will find in this week’s The Business of Being a Race Driver. I also have tips on running social media giveaways for your sponsors, advice on how to improve your social media content and … Read more

More Social Media Marketing Tips for Race Drivers

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing tips are the primary focus this week on the Business of Being a Race Driver. You will find tips on creative posting ideas, maximizing your social media reach and the best ways to use social media in your racing career. All this plus some TCR cars for sale and more in The … Read more

The Complicated World of Driver Ratings

Le Mans Race Drivers

The complicated world of driver ratings is a topic that many new to the business motorsport do not understand. This week’s post will give you some insight. In addition to driver ratings, I bring you advice on how to bring value to your sponsors through media, researching potential sponsors and the difference between sponsorship rights … Read more

More Motorsport Marketing Tips You Can Use

IMSA Nissan

This week in The Business of Being a Race Driver I bring you more motorsport marketing tips that you can use. This week covers planning your social media posting, maximizing ROI in communication with motor racing sponsorship packages, the difference between sponsorship decks, proposals, and proof of performance reports and more. All this in this … Read more

What Do Motorsport Sponsors Want?

Race Car Sponsors

What do motorsport sponsors want? That is a question every race driver has asked themselves at one time or another as they look for money to race. In this week’s edition of The Business of Being a Race Driver, motorsport marketing and sponsorship guru (and 2 time NHRA World Champion drag racer) Megan Meyer tackles … Read more

Why You Need a Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement

Why you need a sponsorship agreement is a topic close to my heart as a lawyer and in this edition of The Business of Being a Race Driver you will find out why. This week I also look at why Megan Meyer thinks you should break up with your old sponsorship package, why James Baldwin … Read more

303 F1 Sponsorship Deals and Counting

F1 Sponsors

303 F1 sponsorship deals and counting. That is the number of sponsors currently in Formula 1 and it shows no signs of declining. In addition to this sponsorship bounty in F1, I have news of how IndyCar is willing to lose money to gain fans in Detroit, more twists, and turns in the Palm Beach … Read more

Why Thinking Outside the Box Could Result in a Marketing Bonanza

Josh Williams

Thinking outside the box is easier said than done because it is so hard to define. Which is why this week I will give you a perfect example of how it is done. In addition to thinking outside the box, Megan Meyer explains how to get motorsport sponsorship after Covid, the MotiV8 Podcast looks at … Read more

Let’s Talk About How to Get Motorsport Sponsorship

Mini Race Cars with Sponsor Stickers

This week, let’s talk about how to get motorsport sponsorship in The Business of Being a Race Driver on Motorsport Prospects. Wait! I can hear you say. Isn’t The Business of Being a Race Driver on Motorsport Prospects all about motorsport sponsorship and the tools, tips, and techniques to get it as explained by numerous … Read more

Networking Tips for Race Drivers

LinkedIn on Mobile

Networking tips for race drivers are the focus in this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver Roundup. Networking as I have mentioned numerous times, can be the difference between landing sponsors or spending the season on the sidelines and its importance, both virtually and in real life, cannot be underestimated. In addition to networking … Read more

Activating Your Sponsorship and More Business of Being a Race Driver

Sponsorship Activation

Activating your sponsorship is just as important as getting sponsorship and this week you will understand why. In addition to this, I have a video on writing sponsorship proposals, a podcast that explains what a sponsorship broker does, what Chat GPT says about sponsorship and a checklist on why companies should get involved in motorsport … Read more

How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal and More Business of Being a Race Driver

Modern Boardroom

Class is in session this week as I feature a fundamental component of sponsorship 101 and that is a webinar on how to write sponsorship proposals that sell. In addition to writing sponsorship proposals, I feature an article on tips for building relationships with sponsors and how Shift Up Now’s move into NFTs will benefit … Read more

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Motorsport Content Creator

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Motorsport Content Creator

This week in The Business of Being a Race Driver, I look at why you should consider becoming a motorsport content creator. In short, it will increase the visibility of your brand and bring you increased sponsorship opportunities. In addition to this advice, I bring you an explanation of the relationship between social media and … Read more

Jota Goes for the Gold and More Business of Motorsport News

Jota Porsche 963

Jota has unveiled their striking gold livery and partners for the upcoming racing season, but it was the connection with NFL legend Tom Brady that turned heads. In addition to the Jota announcement, I look at F1’s record 2022 profits, the possibility of the EU suing F1 over potentially increasing entry fees, a resurrected Italian … Read more

Social Media Marketing Tips for Race Drivers

Social Media Icons on a Keyboard

There are some great social media marketing tips for race drivers in this week’s The Business of Being a Race Driver. Yes, I know, you would much rather be out on the track honing your racecraft and winning races but that costs money and social media marketing is one way to help you with that. … Read more

Why Won’t IMSA Let Glickenhaus Race?

Glickenhaus 007 LMH

Why won’t IMSA let Glickenhaus race is a question that team owner Jim Glickenhaus is asking himself, hinting that it could be a potential legal issue. This is just one of the stories in this week’s Business of Motorsport Roundup. I also bring you the latest business news from Formula 1, NASCAR, Supercars and Formula … Read more

Good Advice on Getting Racing Sponsors

Business people working on an agreement

Good advice on getting racing sponsors can be the difference between winning on the track and not even getting to race on it. It is incredibly difficult all advice from reputable sources should be welcomed by any race driver. This week on The Business of Being a Race Driver, I bring you a number of … Read more

Motorsport Sponsorship Advice for the Race Driver

F1 Sponsors

Motorsport Sponsorship advice for the race driver is the focus and this week I bring you helpful, actionable advice that will assist you in getting it. From a two-hour video of a Zoom call discussing motorsport sponsorship amongst a few young drivers and some motorsport sponsorship advisers to an article describing the various types of … Read more

Be Consistent Off the Track as Well as On

Be Consistent Off the Track as Well as On

Be consistent off the track as well as on it sounds like solid advice, at least the on-track part does but off it? Well as Eddie Garrison points out in his article that I link to in today’s The Business of Being a Race Driver column, it is vital for businesses to be consistent in … Read more