The Science of Telling Your Story

Tell Your Story

As we start out 2024 in my regular Business of Being a Race Driver Roundup, the science of telling your story is a particular highlight this week.

I also look back at more great articles from 2023 and provide you with some general motorsport marketing information on motorsport partnerships.

2024 will also see some brand-new services at Motorsport Prospects including a new newsletter launching shortly that will allow you to keep up to date on all things race driver-related and much more.

Here’s to your off-track success in 2024!

The Business of Racing

From the Driver’s Point of View

Raceflix has an interesting pdf you should read called Supercharging Fan Engagement which looks at “understanding why people cheer for the underdog and cry at the end of movies.” It is all about the science of storytelling and as I like to say, everyone has a story.


You can download the pdf here.

If you are new to News Racers Can Use here at Motorsport Prospects and specifically my Business of Being a Race Driver column, you may have missed some incredible content that I have curated from the most knowledgeable motorsport professionals covering motorsport marketing and sponsorship.

Here are yet more articles for you to review that you may have overlooked. I have been featuring highlights from the Business of Being a Race Driver column every week as this information is still effective and valuable. As they say, knowledge is power!

From the Sponsor’s Point of View

Fan Engagement

In Racing Through the Ad Blur: How Motorsport Partnerships Win the Memory Grand Prix, motorsport marketer Brad Zimmerman looks at what it is in motorsport that we are really selling.

It’s been something I have been thinking about for at least the last 26 years…and that is, in motorsports, what are we really selling? How do you quantify it? How do you offer lever points for brands to sell their products within the platform? How do you differentiate? How do you innovate?

Mark Boudreau
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