Team Spotlight

In Conversation with F1600 Team Owner Brian Graham of Brian Graham Racing

Reading Time: 13 minutes Brian Graham, one of the most successful team owners in Canadian motorsport with a roster of alumni that have raced with his Brian Graham Racing team is a man who you could forgive for bragging. He has literally “been there, done that” and has the championships to prove it. But as I sat down to … Read more

Sponsorship, Developing Race Car Drivers and the Importance of People in a Race Team – An Interview with Phil Picard of Momentum Motorsports

Reading Time: 11 minutes Choosing a racing team to invest your (or more likely your parents!) hard earned money is a very serious decision with vast implications for your motorsport career. Choose wisely and you will learn and grow as a driver. Choose unwisely and you could have potentially ruined your potential to become a professional driver. This is … Read more

In Conversation with Mick Kouros of Fortec Motorsports

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fortec Motorsports is one of the most experienced, successful and professional racing teams currently racing in single-seater driver development. I recently had a chat with Senior Team Engineer Mick Kouros while he was in New Zealand for the Toyota Racing Series to gain a bit of insight of what a team like Fortec looks for … Read more

In Conversation with Richard Ollerenshaw of Hillspeed Racing

Reading Time: 9 minutes With a new racing season just around the corner, teams are anxiously working on putting together their driver lineups for 2019. One such team is Hillspeed Racing, competing in the BRDC Formula 3 series in the UK. I spoke to Richard Ollerenshaw, Team Principal of Hillspeed on what they are looking for in a driver, … Read more

GT4 and Young Driver Development – Thoughts from a Team Owner

Reading Time: 4 minutes Part of the mission of Motorsport Prospects is to discuss and showcase opportunities for young driver development. So often young kids in their karting careers have visions of racing in F1 or Indycar and those dreams are important to aspire to and I would never discourage that. At a certain stage of their careers though, … Read more