A Look at the Formula E Racing Documentary “And We Go Green” and Sustainability in Motorsport

Reading Time: 8 minutes I just finished watching “And We Go Green,” the documentary about Season 4 of the Formula E championship and I thought I would post a few words. I don’t normally write film reviews on Motorsport Prospects but as the film deals with sustainability in motorsport, a topic that will be covered on the blog in … Read more

A Positive Spin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week Daily Sportscar published an excellent post by DSC Deputy Editor Stephen Kilbey called “Concentrate On The Little Victories” (a highly recommended read) with the central point being that, in these times of uncertainty where nobody truly knows what will happen, we will in fact get through this. As he rightly points out: This … Read more

Be Safe and Be Nice During These Difficult Times

Reading Time: 4 minutes We are facing difficult and unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic as regular life has ground to a halt, or at least an enforced pause. Motorsport along with other let’s face it, non-essential activities have been postponed and we are all searching for answers while hoping that “normality” will return as soon as possible. With … Read more

Racing is Racing – Motorsport is Not Doomed

Reading Time: 9 minutes “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill Over the weekend as I was watching three distinctly different motorsport events it got me thinking about the change that the sport is going through and what the future holds for it. My conclusion may buck the … Read more