Motorsport Prospects Weekly Debrief for June 11, 2021 – Tips, Techniques and a New Dawn for BMW

New on Motorsport Prospects This Week

The Motorsport Prospect Prospects Weekly Debrief is full of some great stuff this week despite the fact that it has been an extremely busy week here at Motorsport Prospects HQ. I have been busy behind the scenes as I build out a few new features on the website but I did have the chance to post about this awesome 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 991.2 Race Car that is for sale in the Motorsport Prospects Marketplace. One thing I wanted to do is quickly answer a few questions that I have received related to the site and the blog in particular.

The response to the new features here on the Motorsport Prospects blog has been overwhelmingly positive and for that I truly thank you. I have settled on the following weekly publishing schedule for the time being:

Monday: a rotation of posts that will be either an original feature or interview, the Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up or the monthly motorsport charity spotlight;

Wednesday: the regular For Sale in the Motorsport Prospects Marketplace feature;

Friday: The Weekly Debrief featuring curated driver development news, tips and techniques. business tools and techniques required by race drivers off the track, series news, the business of motorsport and archival features from Motorsport Prospects’ past.

One of the most frequent questions I get are if I plan on publishing a newsletter and the answer is yes! The other question I get is will I open up comments on the blog and again the answer is a resounding yes! I am just working on tidying up the user registration features of the website in order for this to be a seamless and workable process for everybody. Details will be announced shortly.

And now on to the Weekly Debrief.

Driver Development News, Tips & Techniques

There are a lot of great tools, techniques and tips this week for your development as a driver. They cover both the mental and physical aspects of being a driver as well as some information on driver development programs and series that could be of interest.

  • Do you sometimes have this nagging feeling that despite things going well it will all end up crashing down around you, no matter the lack of evidence? If so you should read 4 Quick Strategies to Help You Stop the Self Sabotage Today. An illuminating read that could very well help you from this destructive habit.
  • When Naomi Osaka announced her withdrawal from media appearances at the recent French Open tennis tournament citing her mental health, the response was part-supportive and part-withering in condemnation. Mental health is as critical as physical health for any athlete and this is no different for a driver. Chris Medland at Racer makes some important points in INSIGHT: Osaka situation provides a reminder that drivers are human, too that is a must read. You might also want to read Josie Smith’s piece on the Motorsport Prospects Blog Mental Health in Motorsports: Is it Time for Change?for some more points on this critical topic.
Motorsport Prospects Weekly Debrief for June 11, 2021 - Tips, Techniques and a New Dawn for BMW
  • Safe is Fast have an amazing variety of videos that cover every aspect of driver development featuring some pretty big names in motorsport. Since it is endorsed by Bobby Rahal and sponsored by Honda Performance Developments, you know that the information is top notch. Start with the Finding Tenths video above and then check out all the rest of the videos at the Safe is Fast site.
  • Australia is considering relaunching a national Formula Ford program after their disastrous foray into Formula 4. Is this the right path for young driver development down under? Hard to say but you can read about the debate and the tentative plans at Motorsport Australia considering one-make Formula Ford series.

The Business of Being a Race Driver

From preparing yourself for on the track to preparing yourself for all the work you need to do off the track, here are a few tips and techniques you might be able to use in this crucial part of being a race driver.

  • If you are not subscribed to Enzo Mucci’s YouTube channel you are missing out. Here is his latest:
Motorsport Prospects Weekly Debrief for June 11, 2021 - Tips, Techniques and a New Dawn for BMW

Series News

Motorsport Prospects Weekly Debrief for June 11, 2021 - A New Dawn for BMW

A lot of sports car racing news this week as BMW makes two significant announcements and IMSA details their new GTD Pro class. I also take a look at some vintage racing news and developments over at NASA.

  • I am hoping to post more interviews and features on historic racing in the coming months as nothing quite beats the spectacle of watching classic racing cars at full song on a track. This week there was a significant announcements from Goodwood as well as a great video on the future of historic racing.
  • Finally, newly appointed series director for NASA’s Western Endurance Racing Challenge (WERC) Peter Hopelain talks about his plans for what he calls the “middle class of racing.” One quote that might be of interest to sports car teams would be this one: “I want WERC to be the premier “middle class of racing,” a place where a new SRO team can come to warm up, learn lessons, test, and have good multi-class racing.” You can read the full interview here.

The Business of Motorsport

Motorsport Prospects Weekly Debrief for June 11, 2021 - Tips, Techniques and a New Dawn for BMW

Some interesting developments in the Business of Motorsport from GM, NASCAR, Singapore, Monaco, Indianapolis and more.

General Motors Breaks Ground On Charlotte Technical Center

NASCAR’s Anticipated Next-Gen Car Drums Up Demand, Value of Charters

F1’s Singapore GP cancelled for second year in a row

Indy 500 pulls in 5.58m viewers for biggest audience in five years

Hookit’s Motorsport Insight | Sponsorship recap: F1’s Monaco Grand Prix 2021

Confidence in health of sponsorship industry dips as vaccine rollout continues

From the Motorsport Prospects Archives

Wondering what it takes to be selected to the Team USA Scholarship and get an opportunity to race in the UK in the prestigious Formula Ford Festival held every October? Last year I asked Team USA founder and President Jeremy Shaw that very question in The Team USA Scholarship – What Does It Take?

The Last Lap

We have always been told that sports teaches us camaraderie, pushing ourselves to the limit, working as a team, winning gracefully and both accepting and learning from defeat. Basically we are taught sportsmanship. Well I hope so because after I read that disgraced kart racer Corberi is appealing against his 15-year FIA competition ban I just shook my head. Now I am not denying him his right to appeal. This fundamental right was taught to us in law school (and you can get the full details on how the FIA International Court of Appeal works here). The reason I am shaking my head is when I read this:

They also argued that Corberi’s actions were “in a state of anger, determined by the unjust fact of others” after a collision with Ippolito caused him to retire from the race.

Kart racer Corberi appeals against 15-year FIA competition ban

Really? What part of “sport is not always fair” did you not understand? Especially in motorsport! I do not care and will not accept any excuse offered for this disgusting (and dangerous) display of poor sportsmanship. And I certainly hope that for those of you in a place of sports leadership that you instill in those you lead the right qualities that make sport such a great training ground for life.

On a more positive note related to youth, Motorsport UK have a great article on the work of young people in the administration and marshaling of the sport. All drivers should make the effort to volunteer at least once a year to understand the importance of what track officials and workers do. Have a look at Volunteers’ Week – Power of Youth.

It is great to see that the Race of Remembrance is back this year. As the BRSCC states so eloquently, it is a unique and poignant event. BRSCC to host Mission Motorsport’s 2021 Race of Remembrance Event

For my American friends, do you have somebody who perhaps has expressed an interest in getting involved in motorsport, maybe after binge watching Drive to Survive? Have them check this out: What’s It Like Out There? Find out at Track Night in America

Finally, if my Ferrari Challenge Primer has whetted your appetite, check out this onboard with Continental Autosport’s Aaron Weiss at the legendary Watkins Glen International courtesy of The Racer Channel.

Motorsport Prospects Weekly Debrief for June 11, 2021 - Tips, Techniques and a New Dawn for BMW

That’s it for this week. Stay safe and I will see you at the track!

Mark Boudreau
Author: Mark Boudreau

Mark is the publisher of Motorsport Prospects. As a former lawyer, he applies his legal background and research skills to assist race drivers by showcasing the resources they need to make their motorsport careers happen.