Physical Conditioning

Staying Race Ready During a Pandemic: Nico Rondet

Reading Time: 4 minutes The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos in the lives of millions and race drivers are just as affected. In her second interview, Tina Mitchell talks to driver Nico Rondet about how he is coping with staying home, changes to his physical training, the importance of nutrition and sim racing and some advice to young drivers. … Read more

In Conversation with Motorsport Physical Trainer Stewart Wild

Reading Time: 4 minutes As you know from the digital pages of the Motorsport Prospects blog, I have stressed the importance of physical conditioning for race drivers from the very beginning. Being in peak physical condition is a necessity to compete at your highest possible level, it enables you to react better to what is going on while on … Read more

A Chat with Belinda Riseley of MotiV8 Training

Reading Time: 5 minutes This week I chat with Belinda Riseley of MotiV8 Training about athlete performance, the setting of SMART goals, social media presence, PR and the importance of working off the track as well as on. Motorsport Prospects: How did you get involved in motorsport and how did MotiV8 Training start? Belinda Riseley: I have been fortunate … Read more

Talking Race Car Driver Fitness with Jim Leo of PitFit Training

Reading Time: 6 minutes Fitness is something we have talked about before on the Motorsport Prospects blog because it is of such importance that it cannot be overemphasized and when it comes to motorsport and fitness the name Jim Leo and his company PitFit Training are always part of the conversation. Jim was gracious enough to spend some time … Read more

Young Driver Coaching

Reading Time: 5 minutes Originally posted to the excellent Young Driver Development website, this article is from Simon Hayes, head of Performance Physixx. It is reprinted by permission. I have also asked Mr Hayes to explain a little bit of what services Performance Physixx offer. You can see the Performance Physixx listing on Motorsport Prospects here. Mark When you … Read more

An interview with Jacob Leaver and Leanne Holder of Torque Human Performance on the importance of driver fitness

Reading Time: 5 minutes As I continue my interviews with the latest additions to the Services section of Motorsport Prospects I speak this week to Leanne Holder and Jacob Leaver from Torque Human Performance on the importance of fitness and to answer that age old question of whether a racing driver is an “athlete.” Motorsport Prospects: How long have … Read more