Your Brand is Everything

Your Brand is Everything

Your brand is everything and the sooner you understand this, the better the chance of you getting the sponsors you need to race. In this week’s post you will find out why. I am also featuring the 5 things you need to make it to F1 like Liam Lawson and Oliver Bearman, the importance of … Read more

Finding Out What Billionaires Want

Billionaire Uncle Pennybags

Finding out what billionaires want may on its face seem like an odd thing to discuss in this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver, but I will explain it a bit more in the column. In addition to Uncle Pennybags (yes that is apparently the name of the monopoly guy that is gracing the … Read more

Turning Your Results Around, Braking Tips & More

Prema F3

Turning your results around and braking tips are just some of the racecraft advice you will read about this week. In addition to an abundance of great racecraft advice, there are off-track tips for peak performance, the debut of new race series in the USA and Indonesia and the awesome Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro. All this … Read more

How to Use ChatGPT for Sponsorships

ChatGPT Logo

How can you use the power of ChatGPT to help you get motorsport sponsors? This week on The Business of Being a Race Driver you are going to find out. In addition to using AI to help find sponsors, I bring you the details on the 6 skills that motorsport athletes need to succeed and … Read more

Activating Your Sponsorship and More Business of Being a Race Driver

Sponsorship Activation

Activating your sponsorship is just as important as getting sponsorship and this week you will understand why. In addition to this, I have a video on writing sponsorship proposals, a podcast that explains what a sponsorship broker does, what Chat GPT says about sponsorship and a checklist on why companies should get involved in motorsport … Read more

Good Advice on Getting Racing Sponsors

Business people working on an agreement

Good advice on getting racing sponsors can be the difference between winning on the track and not even getting to race on it. It is incredibly difficult all advice from reputable sources should be welcomed by any race driver. This week on The Business of Being a Race Driver, I bring you a number of … Read more

How Sim Racing Can Lead You to Race in British F4

British F4 Driver

This week I show you how sim racing can lead you to race in the British F4 Championship in my latest From Sim Racing to the Real Thing segment. In addition to racing in British F4, DTM race driver Bruno Spengler explains why he sim races, a new sim racing competition from SRO Motorsport and … Read more

How to Get Racing Sponsorship According to ChatGPT

Olivier Bedard F1600

How to get racing sponsorship according to ChatGPT highlights this week’s edition of The Business of Being a Race Driver. Since everybody is asking the bot questions, I figured I would join in and ask the obvious on your behalf. In addition to this, I look at the return of a program to support grassroots … Read more

Braking Techniques, the New Cross Car for Global Race Driver Development and More

Affordable Cross Car project

Braking techniques and the new Cross Car for global race driver development are just two of the items featured in this week’s edition of the Driver Development News & Racecraft Tips & Techniques Roundup. In addition to this, there are guidelines for data acquisition and preparing your mind and machine for your first track day, … Read more