Good Advice on Getting Racing Sponsors

Good advice on getting racing sponsors can be the difference between winning on the track and not even getting to race on it. It is incredibly difficult all advice from reputable sources should be welcomed by any race driver.

This week on The Business of Being a Race Driver, I bring you a number of great sources of tips and actionable advice for finding that racing sponsor. In addition, as always, I look at motorsport sponsorship from a potential sponsor’s point of view.

All this and more in this week’s edition of The Business of Being a Race Driver on Motorsport Prospects.

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The Business of Racing

From the Driver’s Point of View

In Motorsports Sponsorship: Move from commodity offerings into real value creation, Samuel Pawlak of Grand Prix Studio looks at the differences between sponsorship proposals that follow the “commoditization” route versus those that follow the “Value Creation” route. “Each has their pros and cons, but the value creation route tends to garner much better long-term results.”

In the video above, join master sports commentator and Methanol Moonshine owner Wade Aunger as he chats about media and sponsorship for motorsport. Guests: Filippa Guarna of Media Master Coach and Paul Blair, former head of Amor All and STP Australia.

This is from synthetic oil company Amsoil‘s blog but it contains some great Tips & Tricks for Landing a Racing Sponsorship. “After many years reviewing thousands of sponsorship proposals, I’ve identified some key considerations when seeking a sponsorship. I sat with Josh Weise during his Sponsored Rider Podcast at Hay Days Grass Drags and we shared some tips that can help you land a sponsorship.”

The Sponsorship Collective has some great resources on motorsport sponsorship and how to get racing sponsors. You can check them out here and watch their video on how to get racing sponsors above.

Last December, I asked ChatGPT how to get racing sponsorship. This was the result: How to Get Racing Sponsorship According to ChatGPT

In last week’s The Business of Being a Race Driver, I brought you some tips on creating a sponsorship deck courtesy of the Racing Mentor. This week, MotiV8 Training explains the key to understanding the differences between sponsorship proposals versus sponsorship decks. “When seeking sponsorship as a motorsport athlete, it is essential to understand the different ways you can present your value proposition to potential sponsors. Two of the most commonly used methods are a sponsorship proposal and a sponsorship deck.”

From the Sponsors Point of View

For the company currently conducting a sponsorship campaign in motorsport, or considering to do so, sports marketing company Sport Dimensions have some helpful advice.

They look at the 4 Pillars of Sponsorship Value and their importance to a company’s marketing strategy. “We have seen the marketplace adapt to many shifts across our work in different series, sports, brands and partners. Now more than ever, these essential pillars of value are shining through the more mainstream vanities such as views, attendee counts, and impressions.”

They also have some great advice on Engaging the Up-and-Comer with Motorsports Marketing. “The last few years have introduced some remarkable companies into the world of sponsorship. Shifting audience demographics, especially from F1, has encouraged brands young and established to get back into the race with a variety of partnerships.” They specifically point to the video by Ford below as a great example.

General Motorsport Marketing Advice & Resources

The Business of Being a Race Driver

Sheridans Sport looks at storytelling in sport and the commercial and marketing drivers behind its continued success. “This week we discuss the rise of episodic behind-the-scenes sports documentaries and consider some of the key commercial and marketing drivers behind their continued appeal and success.”

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