How Sim Racing is Helping Felipe Drugovich Prepare for Le Mans

Felipe Drugovich

With Le Mans coming up this weekend, now is the perfect time to see how Felipe Drugovich, a rookie to the classic race is using sim racing to prepare to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I also highlight more sim racers having success in the real world including Malaysian brothers Naquib Azlan … Read more

Racing Prodigy Crowns New Champions in e2Real Program

Racing Prodigy Prodigy Week Season1 Part2 Podium

Last week Racing Prodigy crowned their newest Prodigy Week champions and you will find out who they are in the Sim Racing Roundup this week. I also have everything you need to know about Max Verstappen’s sim racing, two great sim racing series launching and more sim racing news and reviews. It’s all in this … Read more

GT Academy Founder Darren Cox on Democratizing Motorsport Talent

GT Academy Gran Turismo

This week, GT Academy founder Darren Cox discusses the impact of the GT Academy in democratizing motorsport talent, two of the world’s most luxurious racing simulators go head-to-head and the latest competitive and general sim racing news and tech reviews. It’s all in this week’s Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. From Sim Racing to … Read more

Racing Prodigy’s Prodigy Week Returns for Part 2

Prodigy Week

Racing Prodigy’s Prodigy Week returns for Part 2 of its revolutionary driver development program that looks to develop sim racers into real-world racers. Part 2 of their program is set to kick off at Atlanta Motorsports Park and I have details on the program this week. I also have a look at a sim racer … Read more

Enhance Your Racecraft Using iRacing

iRacing F4 Race Car

How to enhance your racecraft using iRacing is the headline feature of this week’s Sim Racing Roundup. How real-world race drivers use iRacing to train is often a key factor to them winning on track. I also have news on The Real Race Super Trofeo 2024 which enables sim racers to graduate to the real … Read more

Suellio Almeida Graduates from Sim Racing to the Podium

Suellio Almeida on Podium

Suellio Almeida has graduated from sim racing to a real-life podium at the Dubai Autodrome racing in the Gulf Radical Cup and his experience exemplifies how sim racing enabled the transition. I also feature how to deal with setbacks in your racing career, the relaunch of the F1 esports competition and more. It is all … Read more

Lando Norris on Why Simulators are Important

Lando Norris on a Sim

This week Lando Norris explains why simulators are important, Rajah Caruth’s low-tech racing tool, an insanely expensive sim rig from Pagani and more. It’s all in the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Sim racing news for racers not gamers. From Sim Racing to the Real Thing NBC News looks at how Rajah Caruth parlayed … Read more

Max Verstappen Explains His Late Night Sim Racing

Max Verstappen Sim Racing

Max Verstappen explains why he raced until 4:00 AM before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The World Champion is just one of the highlights in this Sim Racing Roundup. I also have video on a motorcycle sim that allows you to use your own bike, two new esport competitions to check out and more tips … Read more

Racing in the iRacing Rain

Racing in the iRacing rain

In probably its most requested feature, iRacing now allows for racing in the rain and this week you will find tips on how best to handle the downpour. I also have updates on more sim racers gone real-world racing, set-up guides, Aston Martin’s new sim rig and more. It’s all in this week’s Sim Racing … Read more

Darren Cox’s Role in Revolutionizing Sim Racing

Darren Cox

Darren Cox’s role in revolutionizing sim racing is explored in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup. You will also find out how one sim racing coach is transitioning to real-life racing, tips from an esports racer on how to get involved in sim racing and a video for everyone out there for anyone … Read more

From Sim Racing to Daytona 500 Victory: William Byron’s Journey

William Byron

William Byron graduated from sim racing to winning the Daytona 500 and this week you will find out how. You will also get words of advice from IMSA driver Parker Thompson as he builds his sim racing rig, how a race team uses a sim in their real-world racing and sim racing tips from F1 … Read more

Maserati Racing Hires a Sim Racer

Maserati MSG Racing

Formula E race team Maserati MSG Racing has hired a sim racer to work for Maserati as the team’s official simulator driver and help them develop the real race car. It’s just another example of the blurring of the lines between sim racing and real-world motorsport. This week I also have details on Racing Prodigy’s … Read more

Sim to Reality

Jimmy Broadbent

Sim to Reality is a popular phrase these days as once again this week you will see how sim racing and real-world motorsport are feeding off each other. From the launch of Part 2 of the Prodigy Racing League to the use of simulators in Formula 1, there are plenty of examples of how sim … Read more

Leveraging Sim Racing to Hone Real-World Racing Skills

Drivers Lab Dubai

This week the Sim Racing Roundup looks at leveraging sim racing to hone your real-world racing skills. I also bring you details on the latest competitive sim racing news, tech reviews and a tribute to the late great Ryuji Urabe. All this and more in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport … Read more

How iRacing Can Lead to Real World Motorsport Success

Glenn McGee

This week you will learn how two racers are using the iRacing platform for real world motorsport success, the importance of simulators in Formula E and how to race at your highest level while under pressure. All this plus a selection of the latest competitive sim racing news, tech reviews and much more in this … Read more

Why Sim Racing Rigs Make for Good Race Driver Training

ASR Sim Racing Rig

Some race drivers continue to debate the merit of sim racing. However, this week, we’ll explore the reasons why sim racing rigs prove to be effective tools for race driver training. As usual I also have the latest competitive and general sim racing news, technical news and reviews and an amazing sim racing charity event … Read more