What is Your No to Yes Ratio?

What is your No to Yes Ratio? That is the question that Enzo Mucci asks of you, and you will find out why in this edition of The Business of Being a Race Driver.

I also feature a great insight on why there is a discrepancy between funding for males and females in motorsport by Pippa Mann of Shift Up Now, a great sponsorship course to attend and maximizing the ROI of sponsorship programs in 2024.

It’s all in this week’s edition of The Business of Being a Race Driver on Motorsport Prospects.

The Business of Racing

From the Driver’s Point of View

What is Your No to Yes Ratio?

In the video above, Enzo Mucci asks the question of whether you have the right “No to Yes Ratio” when you are engaging with potential sponsors.

Shift Up Now

PRI Magazine has a great feature on Shift Up Now’s Pippa Mann on the issue of funding for women in motorsport.

Funding is an issue for all racing drivers regardless of where they’re from, who they are, absolutely. But when you look at the research into marketing spend and sponsorship spend and dollar spend, you’ll see there’s still a significant disparity. That’s where Shift Up Now is trying to persuade sponsors to step up to the plate to back women in motorsport equally. Our goal is not more, our goal is equal.”

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From the Sponsor’s Point of View

Sports Marketing Agency Sport Dimensions looks at Maximizing the ROI of Your Sponsorship Program in 2024.

Executive teams demand clear ROI formulas to be delivered regularly to ensure maximum value is created with every dollar invested. We believe there is no “silver bullet” in sports marketing that boils everything down to one number because there are too many extraordinary ways to activate sponsorships with your most important stakeholders. The storytelling, emotion, passion, and other intangible elements sponsorship brings to your brand are healthy balances to the data-heavy traceability of digital marketing.”

Mark Boudreau
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