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Will Privateer Teams Be Priced Out of the Golden Age of Sports Car Racing?

World Endurance Championship Race Cars

Will privateer teams be priced out of the “Golden Age” of sports car racing? That is the fear of team owner Jim Glickenhaus who worries that the costs are just not sustainable for an independent. In addition to this, I look at the impact that Formula 1 is having on Las Vegas and Miami, IndyCar … Read more

Motorsport Series News for May 18, 2022-Going Global

Motorsport Series News for May 18, 2022

This week in Motorsport Series News, Lamborghini announces their new Hypercar program, the WEC and WTCR both have plans to expand their calendars while IMSA is thinking about it, the success behind the FFSA Academy, news on the new ERA Championship and more. Confirming months of speculation, Lamborghini have confirmed that they will join the … Read more