PREMA Racing Joins IndyCar

Prema Racing

Crack European squad PREMA Racing is joining Indycar in 2025 and they have no illusions at how difficult the move will be. This is one of the major stories in this week’s Business of Motorsport. I also have details on Andretti Global’s new UK base, Formula E selling their 12th grid spot and why a … Read more

Sustainable Motorsport is All About Innovation

Paddy Lowe

Sustainable motorsport is all about innovation. For those decrying spec series and a lack of motorsport innovation, sustainable motorsport is exciting both off track and on and once again I bring you more examples this week. You will also find out about Maserati Corse’s electric ambitions, how Paddy Lowe is bringing his synthetic fuel to … Read more

A Battle of Wills in Formula 1

FIA vs Liberty Media

It is no FISA-FOCA war but there appears to be a growing battle of wills in Formula 1 between the FIA on one side and Liberty Media and the F1 teams on the other. This week I bring some examples of the brewing conflict. I also bring you the latest F1 team valuations, inside a … Read more

The Business of Sports Car Racing

Lamborghini SC63

The business of sports car racing takes up a considerable portion of this week’s Business of Motorsport as new cars are introduced and grids grow. In addition to sports car racing, I bring you Michael Andretti’s response to those telling him to buy an F1 team, the new Lamborghini prototype race car, a potential new … Read more

What To Do About the Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix

What to do about the Monaco Grand Prix? It seems that is the question being asked every time the race comes around and this week, I dig right in. In other Business of Motorsport, I look at the numbers behind this year’s Indy 500, more details on the potential revival of A1 GP, a tease … Read more

Sim Racing as a Pathway to Real World Motorsport

Alpine GT4 Race Car

If you are a regular reader, you know that I am a strong believer that sim racing can be a pathway to real world motorsport and this week I bring more examples. From Alpine’s esport series that gives you the chance to test a GT4 car to Screen to Speed giving the winner of their … Read more

The Business of Motorsport for July 1, 2022-Lola is Back!

The Business of Motorsport for July 1, 2022-Lola is Back!

The big news in this week’s Business of Motorsport is the welcome return of Lola to the international motorsport scene. I also have news on F1’s new media rights deal in the United States, turmoil at a legendary Canadian racetrack, sponsorship news and my usual selection of how racing teams go about their business. All … Read more