Rajah Caruth

The Importance of Using an Old-Fashioned Notebook

Old-Fashioned Notebook

This week you will learn about the importance of using an old-fashioned notebook from somebody whose success is a testament to its utility. You will also learn how to be a top driver, the life of a freelance GT professional and some exciting driver development programs in the karting world. All this and more in … Read more

Lando Norris on Why Simulators are Important

Lando Norris on a Sim

This week Lando Norris explains why simulators are important, Rajah Caruth’s low-tech racing tool, an insanely expensive sim rig from Pagani and more. It’s all in the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Sim racing news for racers not gamers. From Sim Racing to the Real Thing NBC News looks at how Rajah Caruth parlayed … Read more

From Sim to DTM

Tim Heineman Sim to DTM

Transitioning from Sim to DTM, this is the mantra of Tim Heinemann, a race driver with a rich background in sim racing, as he takes on the challenges of the DTM race series. This week, catch a glimpse of the trailer for his upcoming documentary, ‘The Rookie,’ chronicling his remarkable journey. I also feature a … Read more

Racing in the iRacing Rain

Racing in the iRacing rain

In probably its most requested feature, iRacing now allows for racing in the rain and this week you will find tips on how best to handle the downpour. I also have updates on more sim racers gone real-world racing, set-up guides, Aston Martin’s new sim rig and more. It’s all in this week’s Sim Racing … Read more

Racing Prodigy Crowns Their First Champion

Prodigy Week 2023

Last week, Racing Prodigy crowned their first champion in the inaugural Prodigy Week, an event that puts the winning sim racer in a real-life racing series. And this is just the beginning of what they have planned. I also have news on William Esports new Student Racing League, video of Jimmy Broadbent challenging a DTM … Read more

The Lines are Blurring Between Sim Racing and Analog Racing

RB18 Sim Rig

The lines are blurring between sim racing and analog racing, and this can only be a good thing for the future of motorsport. Now, before you scream “it’s not the same thing!” just remember that nobody is saying it is. What they are saying is that it is both a great way to prepare for … Read more

Sim Racing as a Pathway to Real World Motorsport

Alpine GT4 Race Car

If you are a regular reader, you know that I am a strong believer that sim racing can be a pathway to real world motorsport and this week I bring more examples. From Alpine’s esport series that gives you the chance to test a GT4 car to Screen to Speed giving the winner of their … Read more