Tommy Schröter

From Speed Demon to Sensible Racer: The Evolution of Nicki Thiim

Nicki Thiim

When it comes to endurance racing, one name that inevitably comes up is that of race driver Nicki Thiim. With two World Endurance Championship titles under his belt in 2016 and 2020, calling him experienced would be an understatement. Observing drivers like Nicki Thiim ply their trade on race tracks around the world, it’s hard … Read more

Marco Sørensen Rediscovered Joy After Failed F1 Dream

Marco Sørensen

When Marco Sørensen’s Formula 1 dream shattered, he faced a career shift and a transition to endurance racing. Before making the switch, a mental cleanup was necessary after several tough years in formula racing: “There were many reasons to reach out to Tommy Schröter. It was, among other things, to discuss some things about the … Read more

The Power of Visualization

Power of Visualization

One of the best mental training exercises you can do is visualization. In addition to that it’s basically the one type of training in motorsport you can do completely for free. This should be enough reason to at least give it a try. Visualization simply comes down to your ability to imagine. You can do … Read more

The Importance of Concentration

Why concentration is important for the race driver

Concentration is simply the ability to keep a focus on a specific task for a limited period of time. It is about being able to isolate yourself from internal and external noise and disturbance, which occurs in many variations when driving a racecar. Internal disturbances can be our own thoughts and doubts, where external disturbances … Read more

Positioning When Braking

Positioning When Braking

The best way to position yourself on the track depends on a lot of different variables. First and foremost it depends on the track layout, the corner you just took and the angle of the corner you’re going into. According to how the track is laid out, it affects your positioning when braking. If you … Read more