The Importance of Concentration

The Importance of Concentration

Concentration is simply the ability to keep a focus on a specific task for a limited period of time. It is about being able to isolate yourself from internal and external noise and disturbance, which occurs in many variations when driving a racecar.

Internal disturbances can be our own thoughts and doubts, where external disturbances can be the way the car handles, the mechanics waving their arms at you in the pitlane or messages on the team radio.

A big part of concentration is the concept of attention. Attention comes in different shapes and the term covers for example selective attention, which is about focusing on a chosen task and ignoring distractions.

Another form of attention is reflexive attention, which is your instinct. It’s the specific form of attention that takes control when you accidentally put your hand on a hot plate or when the car suddenly loses grip. Here you react instinctively by moving your hand or correcting the steering wheel.

If you would like to increase your ability to concentrate, there’s a few important things to focus on. First of all your training must be intense and preferably a daily activity. You will also have to train to the limit of your capabilities. Simulator training is perfect for this, because there are no material consequences if you make a mistake. In addition to this it is always a good idea to vary your training so that the brain is not only practicing on keeping focus on one thing.

Sleep, a good diet and physical exercise are also fundamental aspects if you want to achieve continuous concentration under tough conditions.

Tommy Schröter
Author: Tommy Schröter

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