Marco Sørensen Rediscovered Joy After Failed F1 Dream

Marco Sørensen Rediscovered Joy After Failed F1 Dream

When Marco Sørensen’s Formula 1 dream shattered, he faced a career shift and a transition to endurance racing. Before making the switch, a mental cleanup was necessary after several tough years in formula racing:

“There were many reasons to reach out to Tommy Schröter. It was, among other things, to discuss some things about the sport with him. I don’t come from a family with a lot of experience in motorsport, so it was good to be able to talk to Tommy about the sport, both the good and the bad,” says Marco Sørensen, who – contrary to what one might think – did not regret missing out on Formula 1.

“Not succeeding in reaching Formula 1 wasn’t what bothered me the most. It was more the challenge of transitioning to something where I could earn money driving race cars. Fortunately, that happened relatively quickly for me, and I feel that talking to Tommy helped me find the right path.”

Together with Tommy, Marco got the opportunity to take a closer look at himself, his personality, and how he could leverage it to achieve his personal and professional goals:

“We, among other things, created a behavioral profile where I learned more about how I function as a racing driver. On my way through formula racing, there were managers and other people involved, and that had contributed to me becoming tired of the sport. The behavioral profile helped me rediscover the joy of racing again.”

As a young formula driver on the way to the top of motorsport, the focus easily becomes very selfish because everything revolves around one driver, one car, and one result. In an endurance race with multiple drivers in the car, entirely new competencies and values are suddenly needed:

“I had been on a very egocentric path as I worked my way towards Formula 1, and I could see in my profile that I needed to work on some other areas to become a skilled endurance driver. Here, it’s more important to be a skilled team player, and if one’s personality isn’t immediately that of a team player, then that’s something one can work on,” says Marco, who long after working with Tommy discovered an additional bonus from the collaboration:

“When I was with Tommy, I didn’t know that I would later become teammates with Nicki (Thiim), but because we both worked with Tommy, we also found it easier to find a common understanding,” says Marco, who, together with Nicki Thiim, has won the World Endurance Championship, FIA World Endurance Championship, twice.

Marco Sørensen and Nicki Thiim have now achieved star status as the unquestionably strongest pair in sports car racing, and together with Aston Martin Racing, there is a guarantee of top results when Danetrain hits the track.

Tommy Schröter
Author: Tommy Schröter

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