Extreme H Pioneer 25

The Challenge of Achieving Sustainable Logistics in Motorsport

Sustainable Motorsport Logistics

The Sustainable Motorsport Roundup this week highlights the ongoing challenge of achieving sustainable logistics in motorsport. Though not impossible, these challenges are complex, with opinions divided—some believe progress is too slow, while others feel it’s being impeded. This edition also features a look at the FIA’s sustainability initiatives, the hurdles faced by Formula E, and … Read more

Extreme H unveils the Pioneer 25 Hydrogen-Powered Race Car

Extreme H Pioneer 25

Extreme H has unveiled their Pioneer 25 hydrogen-powered race car, and you will get all the details in this week’s Sustainable Motorsport Roundup. I also have the details on Indycar’s new hybrid power unit, Mercedes F1’s investment in carbon removal initiatives and the latest developments in electric drag racing. All this and more in this … Read more