My Experience Going From Sim Racing to Real Racing

Dillon Zachariah

My name is Dillon Zachariah. I am 19 years old and India’s first Esports Racer to transition into real racing.

When I look at esports as a brand and how much over the years it’s grown, it makes all of us gamers happy. Esports racing also boomed over the years, I boomed with it too. When I look at sim racing, I see a good adaptation and bridge from racing on a simulator and racing in real life.

Kicking off, I was already focusing on pace because the fundamentals of driving a car and racing lines were already there and adapted from esports. To me, that’s the beauty of esports racing. I see so much potential for seeing real talents enter into real racing from esports and not only be able to race but also do it really fast.

Another aspect that esports racing helped with was mainly the cost of running. Everyone is aware that racing is no cheap sport. Drivers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, to develop themselves on the track. Esports enabled me to understand the circuit or car and learn from there. How to optimize my sessions as track time was limited for me.

Esports racing also helped me build a resume to work with sponsors in the long run which is why I’ve never had to pay for racing, so from a budget standpoint that really did help a lot as I cannot afford to be racing. I’m so excited to share my 2023 and 2024 plans with everyone, I’m also still looking for sponsors to come forward and help me with my goal which is being a world champion. My new website should be available soon at