A 1990 Shelby Can-Am “prototype” One-of-One is for Sale in the Motorsport Prospects Marketplace

A 1990 Shelby Can-Am "prototype" One-of-One is for Sale in the Motorsport Prospects Marketplace

Every once in awhile you come upon a racing car and go “Woah! What in the world is this?” That was my reaction when I saw this 1990 Shelby Can-Am “prototype” One-of-One. To say it is original is an understatement. Here is its story as told by the seller, Race Car Locators.

The Story

This is the surviving ‘prototype’ of the Carroll Shelby Can-Am from his 1990 efforts. Originally there were two prototypes, this is the only one left, the other was destroyed. This was an attempt by Carroll to make a fun competitive race class. This car is powered by a Dodge V6. Very easy to drive, handles very well! Again, the only prototype in existence as a part of the Carroll Shelby legacy! Tested by Carroll, he signed the logbook cover. Also tested by John Morton. John was nice enough to sign a photo for my seller, and so for the new owner. Also, the picture of the two guys in the pits is the famous Peter Brock signing the body of the car he designed. Big thanks to Peter and Gayle!

The car was restored y the Shelby Can-Am keeper of the keys Robert Johnston as original. The car has only seen one track day since the restoration at Buttonwillow in 2019, the day Peter signed the body. The seller had updated the car with a new fire system and new belts to pass tech with VARA. 230hp makes this a quick fun race car, a “one of one”. Comes with all paperwork, original crew shirt, signed photo by John and more collectibles for this either museum piece or fun at the track! A beautiful and fun part of Shelby history!

The key to this car is that you get the opportunity to hit the track with a race car designed by none other than Caroll Shelby and that alone puts this race car in a league apart from others. You will stand out, own a truly unique race car with some one-of-a-kind memorabilia and have a blast all the way. You can contact the buyer directly through this link.

(August 16, 2021: Updated based on feedback from the seller.)

Mark Boudreau
Author: Mark Boudreau

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