A Look at Ferrari’s Customer Racing Program

A look at Ferrari’s Customer Racing Program is just one of the highlights of this week’s Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup. I also have tips on racing in the rain, a major concussion awareness program by the FIA and changes to the SCCA’s National Road Racing program. All this and much more in the latest Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques


Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

In his column Racey Thoughts: Racers are scientists, mathematicians, time-keepers & gamblers, Ross Bentley of Speed Secrets discusses the many different facets of a racer’s mind. “To be able to peer inside the mind of the world’s best racers and observe all of this neuro-processing occur at speed would be beyond fascinating. It would be mind-boggling. And it puts into perspective just how amazing the best drivers are.”

A Look at Ferrari's Customer Racing Program

There is an art to racing in the rain. Pro driver Tanner Foust shares some tips to help you find grip on a wet track in the video above.

Left foot or right foot braking? This is the topic that Tommy Schröter, CEO Baseline Driver Training discusses in his latest racecraft column on Motorsport Prospects.

Samir Abid of Your Data Driven explains how to get confidence on the brakes in 3 easy steps. ““I have no confidence on the brakes. What should I do?” This question came up with a reader. Here is what I suggested.””

A Look at Ferrari's Customer Racing Program

Grassroots Motorsports looks to answer the question, what makes a better driving coach, a human or an AI data analyst? “Actually, it might not be as bad as it sounds. AI is invading the track improvement space, but at the moment its implementation seems to be that of a friendly helper rather than a Draconian metal claw.”


Inner Speed Secrets

Ross Bentley is also putting on a 3-part Masterclass called Inner Speed Secrets.

“What separates the best from the rest? The mental game. What percentage of performance/race driving is mental versus physical? While we all know driving takes physical strength and endurance, your body won’t do anything unless your brain tells it to do so, therefore it may be 100% mental. The mental game is critical, but knowing what to do about it is the challenge for most drivers. That’s what the Inner Speed Secrets Masterclass does: gives you the knowledge and the practical tools to take your mental game to an all-new level.”

This is what will be covered:

Session #1, June 25:

  • Foundation – How our minds operate when driving on track
  • 3 keys to driving better than ever before
  • Managing your mindset

Session #2, July 2:

  • Hands-on practical strategies and exercises – how to improve your driving performance
  • Improving your ability to sense the limits of your car/tires
  • Using mental imagery to learn faster, develop skills, and trigger a performance state of mind
  • Switching on your brain to process information faster
  • Learning to get into the zone

Session #3, July 9:

  • Dealing with challenges – how to NOT hurt your performance
  • Strategies for dealing with common mental challenges (fear, confidence, plateaus, red mist, focus, learning, developing new skills, etc.)

You can get full details and register here. There is limited enrollment.

A Look at Ferrari's Customer Racing Program

The FIA has launched a new concussion awareness campaign which is designed to educate and raise awareness of concussion, including signs, symptoms, and red flags in an effort to further protect motor sport competitors.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA President and driving force behind this project, said: “I have experienced concussion firsthand, away from the race track. I have felt the symptoms and dealt with the aftermath. I understand the critical importance of this issue.Thanks to the FIA Medical and Safety team, we will provide an educational and accessible approach to identifying and combating concussion in our sport, ensuring the safety of all current and future competitors.”

Concussion is a mild brain injury that needs to be taken seriously, and by educating on how to spot it, the steps to take if concussed, and how to return to racing, this knowledge sharing will help keep motor sport as safe as possible.

The best concussion is the one you don’t have, and prevention is the first line of defence.

Signs of concussion to watch out for include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Problems balancing
  • Amnesia or forgetfulness
  • Irritability or changed emotional state

Competitors with symptoms should present themselves to the medical team who will assess and advice. Remember, if in doubt, sit out.

On returning to racing after a concussion, international competitors should follow the regulations in Appendix L of the FIA Sporting Code. National competitors should follow the advice of their ASN medical department, with all competitors declaring concussion instances to the Chief Medical Officer at the start of their next race.

Race Car & Series Developments

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

The GB3 Championship has unveiled a new car for the 2025 season, featuring greater performance than its predecessor as well as the Drag Reduction System (DRS) for the first time. The MSV GB3-025 has undergone significant CFD modelling at the Tatuus HQ, resulting in an F1-style aerodynamic package that is expected to add 35% more downforce at the same drag level as the current GB3 car, as well as the inclusion of DRS for the first time. 

Ferrari 296 Challenge

The Ferrari 296 Challenge made its debut at Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli UK recently and both PMW and Supercars.net have their reviews of the new race car.

“The dynamic debut was keenly anticipated by drivers, who embraced the opportunity to test the first-ever V6 Ferrari Challenge on track, and praised the significant performance increase offered by the new V6 which unleashes up to 700 CV. This engine is derived from the award-winning 2.9L V6 in the 296 GTB, but the Ferrari Challenge car does not feature the hybrid system of the road car, just one of the reasons the race car weighs 140kg less than the road car.”

Formula 4 is all set to star in the latest edition of the FIA Motorsport Games. The 2024 edition of the FIA Motorsport Games will use updated Formula 4 machinery, with teams from the Spanish Formula 4 championship providing the latest-spec Tatuus F4-T421 chassis. The FIA will allocate cars to entrants in a blind draw. Thirty entry slots are available for 2024, up from 24 in 2022.

“With series now established on no fewer than four continents and a popularity that keeps growing, FIA Formula 4 is widely regarded as the first step on the single-seater ladder for drivers stepping up from karting into car racing, commented Emmanuele Pirro, President of the FIA Single Seater Commission. “Its inclusion in the FIA Motorsport Games since the first edition perfectly aligns with our strategy as the event seeks to promote categories for upcoming talents, and I’m really much looking forward to discovering who will walk in the footsteps of our 2022 gold medalist Andrea Kimi Antonelli.”

The FIA has confirmed that the inaugural Formula Regional World Cup in Macau will be exclusively for Tatuus T-318 cars running Autotecnica-built Alfa Romeo engines. Despite a wide array of category mainstays being ruled ineligible for entry, the FIA Single-Seater Committee’s new president Emanuale Pirro said he is “anticipating a great deal of interest from teams and drivers from across the global network of FRegional championships, certified by FIA and beyond”.

“The FIA FRegional World Cup represents the ultimate test for drivers on the junior single-seater ladder, Macau is a dream circuit and the ideal location for such a one-off event,” he added. “The entry process will be rigorous, and we will ensure that the brightest emerging talents are the ones who take to the track in Macau in November. The drivers will love it.”


With new LMP2 regulations delayed until 2028, the ACO has stated that they will be taking a “clean sheet” approach to formulating the new rules. “The new chassis and engine have yet to be selected but will be based on two key principles: a downsized engine and reduced weight,” the ACO statement released last Friday reads.

A Look at Ferrari's Customer Racing Program

In an effort to boost participation, SCCA has announced a major proposal for its National Road Racing program. These changes, proposed for 2025, were shared via a webinar:

“Tonight’s topics are centered around the National Road Racing program, which includes the Runoffs, Hoosier Super Tour, and Conference Majors,” Prill said during in the webinar. “And while you will not hear plans specific to Regional programs, it is expected that many of these programs will benefit from some of the features of this proposal.”

You can watch a recording of the webinar above. Grassroots Motorsports has more details here.

Meanwhile, there will also be major changes coming to the 2025 Runoffs, Super Tour, and Majors.

Balance of Performance (BoP) has generated more debate than perhaps any other topic amongst race drivers in the last few years and after the conclusion of this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, the debate continued to rage. Here are two articles which look at the debate.

Sportscar365 is reporting that the Hypercar class could be added to the Asian Le Mans Series in the future according to ACO President Pierre Fillon, who revealed that ‘discussions’ are underway for a potential privateer-driven flagship category.

“This is something that we’re thinking,” Fillon said. “It’s very challenging because to manage a Hypercar, you need a big team. But this is something we’re working on for the future, but it’s not done.”

The Spec MX-5 program is getting an upgrade, benefiting from an expanded relationship between Mazda Motorsports and race engine powerhouse Roush Performance. This new deal will see the Spec MX-5 2.0L crate engine package receive a dedicated Roush Performance team utilize an onsite engine assembly room, where the famed engine builder will perform dyno testing and leak assessment on each Spec MX-5 2.0L crate engine before being shipped to the racer.

Track Days

A Look at Ferrari's Customer Racing Program

The Aston Martin Valkyrie – AMR Pro has been testing at the APEX Motor Club in what is described as a car that is “just epic.”

“There were absolutely no expenses spared in the development of this rocketship of a car. Designed by the world famous Adrian Newey, the sleek yet dramatic bodywork produces levels of downforce that are more commonly seen in reference to the lift produced by the wings of a jet. The 6.5-liter naturally aspirated mid-engine Cosworth V-12 produces 1000 horsepower at the wheel. With a curb weight of just 2500 pounds and a Formula 1-derived suspension system is capable of handling upwards of three lateral Gs.”

DTO have a reputation for their ability to elevate the traditional track day, so if you’re looking for a Radical experience like no other – look no further.

“The Race Edit is an intensive, challenging and rewarding training & development day, guided by your dedicated race coach. It’s ideal for those committed to taking their driving skills to the next level, or those hoping to take the next step up from track driving to full-on motorsport, using the latest Radical SR3 XXR as the perfect training tool.”

In his latest Ask Ross column, Ross Bentley answers the question, Are We Over-Reacting to Safety Regulations in HPDE Events? “I find it funny (but not really funny — in fact, it’s scary…) that many drivers have no problem buying sets of new tires that cost more than $800, and last much, much less than 10 years, and yet complain about having to buy a new helmet — something that can save their life — every few years.”

Racing Opportunities

A Look at Ferrari's Customer Racing Program

AutoWeek looks at Ferrari’s racing program and asks, does Ferrari have the best customer racing program in the world?

“There were four main categories, take your pick: the Ferrari Challenge for 348s and 296s; the XX Programme for those rare and beautiful XX cars that live on the track and nowhere else; the Sport Prototipi cars like the ones that won Le Mans this year, and even F1 Clienti, a series for Ferrari cars that ran in the most sophisticated racing series on the planet: Formula 1.”


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