Dealing with Adversity On and Off the Track

Dealing with adversity both on and off the track is just part of what you will find in this week’s Driver Development Roundup. You will also get a peek behind the scenes at both an F1 academy training session and a rally development program, learn about the role of midget racing in driver development and what it’s like to start racing a Caterham.

All this and more in this week’s edition of the Driver Development Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its news developing racers, and those who want to be can use.

Relive the excitement, passion, and sheer determination of FIA Rallystar as the FIA take you on a thrilling recap of the program’s unforgettable moments in the video above.

Alpine Academy Driver Training

Oleg Karpov of Autosport Plus goes behind the scenes at Alpine Academy’s pre-season camp to understand the rigors that the program puts young drivers through. “Principally, the camp is about establishing a baseline of physical condition. With all the in-season traveling – and this is definitely no less true for F1 – drivers can only really maintain their form, so the winter is crucial for getting to a high initial level.”

Midget Racing

PRI Magazine has a great look at midget racing and its role in young driver development. “Although the segment faces some challenges at both regional and national levels, midget racing continues to serve as a springboard into professional motorsports careers for many competitors, and events like the Chili Bowl have become an annual pilgrimage for racers and fans alike.”

MP Motorsport’s Mattia Colnaghi, the winner of the 2023 Richard Mille Young Talent Academy shootout, is targeting first place in the Spanish F4 rookie standings this season. Feeder Series looks at how he is approaching 2024 and why he picked MP Motorsport. “Colnaghi said he would not be racing in single-seaters this year without the funding provided by the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy.”

Danish driver Theodor Jensen has switched to Palou Motorsport ahead of his rookie Eurocup-3 campaign. Its an interesting move but makes sense as he is targeting a long-term move to North America. The input of team owner Alex Palou certainly helps!

This is a great video from Danny Lee that discusses following your dreams, dealing with situations that don’t go your way and being able to pivot when required.

iSportConnect’s Taruka Srivastav spoke with Akhil Reddy, Managing Director of Racing Promotions to to find out about their racing plans in India. “We are planning to introduce Formula 3 in India by 2026.”

Driver Development Roundup

Sekuya, the video game company known for its community-driven approach and immersive gaming experiences, has announced a strategic partnership with Radical Motorsport Indonesia.

This groundbreaking collaboration marks a pivotal moment for both companies as they join forces to bridge the gap between web3 communities and the exhilarating world of real-world racing. As part of this partnership, Radical Motorsport Indonesia will leverage Sekuya’s extensive network, comprising 116 vibrant communities with over 1 million members across Southeast Asia, to tap into the burgeoning web3 communities.

In return, Radical Motorsport Indonesia will lend its expertise and support to Sekuya, aiding in establishing a tangible presence in the real world. Through this collaboration, Sekuya aims to enhance its brand visibility and engagement beyond the digital realm, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the gaming industry.

Sekuya and Radical Motorsport Indonesia Forge Strategic Partnership

You’ve seen Drive to Survive; now it is time to go behind the scenes with the UK’s leading amateur racing championship – The Caterham Academy.

“We are excited to announce ‘The Academy Racer‘, a six-part video series in partnership with Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, with Sam Parker as our star driver. Sound familiar? Sam has been with us for 20 years, initially working on our Drift Experience and most recently presenting on our Motorsport Livestream. You can track Sam’s progress on our YouTube channel and The Academy Racer page on our website.”

Watch Episode 1 above.

As part of Michael Andretti’s plans to get on the F1 grid, he has also stated that the team is also planning to run teams in F2 and F3 to build a ladder system to develop American talent in Europe. “Andretti noted that promoting American talent is the main aim for the twin junior category programmes, although they won’t be restricted to those hailing from the US.”

How have the other teams reacted to his plans? The more the merrier but it will be a challenge. “Oliver Oakes, who has actually lodged an F1 entry bid too with his Hitech GP team, added: “I should be nice. [Andretti] has said a lot of things in the press in the past few months and weeks. I would say that he’s always welcome to come and race here, but they have quite a few categories. And I think actually, as we know in F2 and F3, it’s a credit to the quality of teams and the job Bruno has done with the championship that a team like that would like to come and race here.””

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