Hansen Motorsport’s Sustainability Vision

Hansen Motorsport’s sustainability vision is just one of the highlights of this week’s Sustainable Motorsport Roundup. As Susan Hansen explains, “we felt that if we were going to continue racing and having a company, we have to do something that meets our values.” I also have details on a new entrant to race hydrogen at Le Mans, the Fastest Electric Hypercar in the World and another edition of Getting to the Track Sustainably. You will get all this and more in this edition of the Sustainable Motorsport Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Your source for sustainable high performance motorsport news.

Sustainable Motorsport News

Hansen Motorsport

The Sustainability Report sits down with Susann, Timmy and Kevin Hansen as they explain Hansen Motorsport’s sustainability vision. “In our sport, we were the first to focus on the environment,” Susann tells The Sustainability Report. “But we weren’t afraid of doing that because it means something to us. We felt that if we were going to continue racing and having a company, we have to do something that meets our values.”

Global Sustainable Sport reports that the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has become a signatory of the Sports for Nature Framework. The FIM has promoted sustainability across a number of motorcycle sports, including MotoGP with its KiSS (Keep It Shiny and Sustainable) programme. The motorcycle governing body also has its own environmental code and FIM Ride Green initiative.

Jorge Viegas, FIM President: “With our FIM Ride Green programme, initiated in 1992, we have developed many measures to protect nature.

“The initial Environmental Code, the first regulation code among the International Federations, dates back to 1994, and contains a series of measures to protect nature from possible adverse effects. Our dedicated organisers and the members of the FIM Family play a crucial role in our sustainability journey.

“Their contributions are not limited to off-road competitions but extend to circuits worldwide, demonstrating our collective commitment to sustainability. By joining the Sports for Nature Framework, we will add value to all our actions and we can continuing contributing and inspiring the entire FIM family and our fanbase.”

Using world-class motorsport, Formula E aims to transfer technology from race track to road and inspire innovation – accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles to drive the race for clean air forward. The series is partnered with UNEP and have been since Season 4, on its #BeatAirPollution campaign, continuing to raise awareness around the detrimental impact of air pollution and empowering individuals, governments and private companies to take part in the fight to #BeatAirPollution.

Since 2017, the partnership has used its collective global platform to drive awareness of air pollution, access information on air quality, advocate for electric vehicle technology, inspire action and help prevent risk to human health.

Hansen Motorsport's Sustainability Vision

Speaking of Formula E, their Change. Accelerated. Live. conference returns to London on July 19th and for the first time, tickets are now available to the public.

Julia Pallé, VP of Sustainability, Formula E, said: “Now in its third year, we’re delighted to open our industry-leading event to the public, so even more people can come and learn from experts not just spanning motorsport and sustainability, but everything from finance and media to entertainment and technology. Our philosophy is to always be at the cutting edge, having bold conversations and developing ideas no one else even thought possible. We believe that by bringing the smartest minds around the table and opening up new frontiers of development, we can unlock huge potential and accelerate towards a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Full details on the event and to purchase tickets can be found here.

Sustainable Motorsport Tech

Hansen Motorsport's Sustainability Vision

The Aspark SP600 is officially the Fastest Electric Hypercar in the World, reaching a top speed of 438.7kph. Born for speed, this production-intent electric hypercar was conceived by the vision of Aspark’s CEO Masanori Yoshida, and enhanced by the bespoke Potenza Race tyres from Bridgestone.

The SP600’s world record was achieved by professional driver and Nürburgring 24h winner Marc Basseng, and it was captured by the GPS-based high-precision Racelogic V-Box provided by the ATP proving ground in Papenburg. M.A.T. has developed and manufactured the SP600 to set a new benchmark for EV hypercars, while marking a significant achievement for the company at the time of its 10-year anniversary.

Watch the record-breaking attempt in the video above.

Hansen Motorsport's Sustainability Vision

Kristoffersson Motorsport have revealed that they are taking a new approach to the 2024 FIA World Rallycross Championship. The team, rebranded as KMS – HORSE Powertrain, have unveiled their sustainably-fuelled car, driven by an internal combustion engine (ICE) for the inaugural “Battle of Technologies” season in world rallycross.

Development of the team’s new Volkswagen Polo has been done in conjunction with Swedish powertrain engineering firm HORSE Powertrain and its subsidiary Aurobay, and while Kristoffersson is positive about the vehicle’s development, he admits it will be tough to go up against the already-developed electric cars.

“It will be tough to compete against the electric cars with our newly-built machines, but Aurobay is a dream partner for us, not only as a sponsor but also in technical terms,” said Kristoffersson. “It will be really fun to work with a long-term structure and be able to plan accordingly. This is an exciting project that has a lot of typical KMS spirit about it.”

Both Racer and The Checkered Flag have more details on the technology used behind the race car.

Hansen Motorsport's Sustainability Vision

Sportscar365 reports that Steve Saleen has outlined plans for a potential return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a hydrogen-powered prototype around the ACO’s new set of regulations.

“There’s a reason why we’re at the track,” Saleen said. “Of course there’s plans to race cars. Racing is part of our DNA at Saleen. Le Mans is one of the leading proponents. Obviously having the Hydrogen Village here, it makes all the sense where future racing really can lie.”

Ricardo, a strategic, environmental and engineering consulting company, and battery cell partner InoBat have introduced a new flexible battery module concept designed specifically for low-volume performance automotive applications at The Battery Show Europe 2024.

The concept provides OEMs with a solution for developing custom battery packs tailored to high-performance and specialized products, and features a modular design that is both scalable and customizable. The companies say this accommodates complex performance and efficiency requirements while minimizing compromises in full powertrain packaging. These attributes make the module suitable for use in supercars, motorsport, performance motorcycles, marine applications and other demanding environments.

Series News


As part of their traditional pre-Le Mans announcements, the ACO has confirmed that its planned introduction of a hydrogen class into the French endurance classic has been pushed back by an additional year to 2028.

“The ACO, the FIA and IMSA continue to explore hydrogen technology to achieve zero-carbon motor racing,” a statement issued on the Friday read. “A hydrogen prototype class will be introduced in 2028. A joint working group is drawing up the regulations required to bring this pioneering and sustainable technology into endurance racing For optimal sporting competitiveness, the hydrogen will be stored in liquid form. The MissionH24 program is also continuing its work on the H24EVO.”

According to Sportscar365, at least four manufacturers currently active in the Hypercar class (Toyota, Alpine, Peugeot and BMW) have expressed interest in racing hydrogen-powered cars, with the former two even going as far as presenting concept cars. Additional companies, including Ligier Automotive, Solution F and Saleen Automotive, have either built concept cars or have signaled plans to enter the formula when it debuts.

Getting to the Track Sustainably

Sustainable Motorsport Roundup

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