Sim Racing and Esports News for July 6, 2022-Always Optimizing

This week in Sim Racing and Esports News I bring you more about how James Baldwin is transitioning to race in the 24H of Spa, a sim racing 101 guide, tips on what you need to succeed in sim racing and more!

  • I talked about sim racer James Baldwin’s transition from sim racing to the real thing in last week’s Sim Racing and Esports News. Above is a video where he describes how he made the step up to racing in the 24 Hours of Spa.
  • The Coach Dave Academy has produced a very helpful Complete Guide to iRacing Setups. “iRacing is a simulation of the real racing world, and with this comes deep levels of complexity in the way the game is designed and its functions. One of the most vital aspects to understand in iRacing is the setup system. Knowledge of this system can make or break a car’s performance, and with that, Coach Dave Academy has put together this breakdown of the basics needed to succeed in your setup journey within iRacing.”
  • If you are looking at sim racing for the first time, PaddleUp has a great Sim Racing 101 that you should read. “Let’s address the big question first of all, what is sim racing? Sim racing, in essence, is virtual motorsport that is made as realistic as possible. It’s not just a case of booting up the latest installment of the annual Formula 1 game on your Playstation and playing on a controller. To experience everything sim racing has to offer you will need an appropriate steering wheel, something to attach it to and if you want to get the most out of it, a gaming PC. Commonly known as a ‘rig’, in most cases, your home set-up will continually evolve to eventually include a full racing seat and monitor mount among other things.”
  • While this column focuses on sim racing primarily as a path to real world racing, it doesn’t mean its all serious all the time. Driving games can be fun in their own right and not just as pathways to more serious stuff. PaddlUp has a great look at the best driving games ever produced.
  • Here is another F1 22 game review, this time from AutoWeek. “During our extensive play-through on the Xbox edition, we found some noticeable pros and cons to F1 22. We’d like to get the bad stuff out of the way first so we can end on a good note. Keep in mind these calls are all subjective, as we didn’t encounter any technical issues with the game.”
Mark Boudreau
Author: Mark Boudreau

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