Sim Racing and Esports News for March 17, 2022-The Benefits of Sim Racing and More

This week on the Sim Racing and eSports round-up Davin Sturdivant looks at the benefits of sim racing to the racing driver, optimizing your graphics for iRacing, testing out the new cars in iRacing, an update to Grid Legends and Sebastian Vettel’s awesome home sim racing rig.

The Benefits of Sim Racing

Sim Racing and Esports News for March 17, 2022-The Benefits of Sim Racing and More

As a driver development tool, sim- racing has had an ever-growing impact on the motorsports community. Once a technology only available to top-flight professional teams, amateur racers can now create a budget simulator in their own home, to use as a training tool and as an accessible method for many to begin to enter the world of motorsport. Explore with new Motorsport Prospects contributor Davin Sturdivant the benefits of sim racing.

How to Optimise Your Graphics in iRacing

While iRacing is generally a quite optimized and easy to run game even on low-end systems, it can quickly become taxing with higher resolution displays or especially in VR. We’ve run through all of the settings in the game and narrowed down the biggest ones to look at when looking to quickly optimize your game, without having to flick through each setting to see which is losing the most frames. The Coach Dave Academy looks at how to optimise your graphics in iRacing.

Dave Cam at Traxion Tests the New Cars Released in 2022 iRacing Season 2

From Traxion’s Dave Cam’s perspective, he’ll show you what it’s like to drive in five of the new cars available on the iRacing service as of Tuesday 8th March. Watch the video above.

Taking the Hyundai Veloster N Touring Car for a Spin in iRacing has more details on the new cars that have entered iRacing with the help from Michelin Pilot Challenge teams like Bran Herta Autosport and Automatic Racing. One of those cars is the Hyundai Veloster N and Tyler Maxson of Bryan Herta Autosport takes it for a spin in the video above.

GRID Legends Version 1.06 Update

Sim Racing and Esports News for March 17, 2022

Traxion looks at the latest update, the first post-release, for GRID Legends which is now live across PC, PlayStation and Xbox and according to them includes several key improvements.

Juan Manuel Gómez is crowned TCR Virtual champion

Sim Racing and Esports News for March 17, 2022-The Benefits of Sim Racing and More

Juan Manuel Gómez was crowned the first ever TCR Virtual champion last Saturday, in the Cup Global Final that took place at the Racing Fuel Academy in Zurich. The Argentine, who had previously won the Americas’ Continental Final, competed in a Hyundai Elantra N for Team Fordizilla; he scored a total of 69 points in the final’s three events that were raced on the virtual circuits of Barcelona, Okayama and Imola. Gómez claimed two pole positions (Barcelona and Imola), finished twice third in the first two races and then won the last one.

Sebastian Vettel’s Awesome Home Sim Racing Rig

Sim Racing and Esports News for March 17, 2022-The Benefits of Sim Racing and More

Needing a home sim rig to train with, Sebastian Vettel and the Aston Martin F1 team decided to begin the process of building a simulator late in the 2021 racing campaign, and the project evolved into a set-up that included three screens and real physical parts from the AMR21 F1 car. The design ensures Sebastian has a realistic driver-view behind the wheel, right up to the Honey Ryder decal behind the steering wheel and the AMR21’s wing mirrors and headrest. The simulator is fitted with Sebastian’s race seat, along with his headrest and seatbelts used during the 2021 campaign.

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