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Idle Rumors and Speculation in Formula 1

By Benh LIEU SONG (Flickr) - Hong Kong Harbour Night 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Idle rumors and speculation in Formula 1 are part of the package in this week’s Business of Motorsport. From rumors of mysterious investors in a new Formula 1 team to speculation on the next moves of a spurned manufacturer, it is all here this week. In addition to all that I have solid news from … Read more

Business of Motorsport for March 18, 2022-Google Goes F1

Business of Motorsport for March 18, 2022

This week in the Business of Motorsport I look at the relationship between F1 teams and cutting-edge high technology, the business issues facing Gene Haas, a pioneering motorsport-focused DAO, the fate of Adria International Raceway and more. As always, this is business news racers can use. Formula 1 I have been following F1 since the … Read more