Crypto sponsorships in sports

Legal Judgements, Vegas, Diversity and More in this Week’s Business of Motorsport

Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock

This week’s Business of Motorsport has all kinds of interesting developments that makes the business of motorsport endlessly fascinating. From legal judgements, Vegas paddock facilities, and debates on diversity and inclusion, the width and breadth of what goes on off the track is on full display. I also have the latest motorsport deals, team news, … Read more

Sustainable Blockchain Source Guide

Sustainable Blockchain Source Guide

As a companion to my Motorsport Prospects article One Electric Racing Driver’s Guide to Sustainable Blockchain, here is a Sustainable Blockchain Source Guide for more information and context. Overall info The Web3 Starter Pack Sponsorship Formula E establishes first blockchain title sponsorship with Avalanche The rise of crypto sponsorships in sports Is cryptocurrency sponsorship too … Read more