Sustainable Blockchain Source Guide

Sustainable Blockchain Source Guide

As a companion to my Motorsport Prospects article One Electric Racing Driver’s Guide to Sustainable Blockchain, here is a Sustainable Blockchain Source Guide for more information and context.

Overall info


Carbon footprint

About Blockchain

ETH2.0 & POS

Carbon supply & blockchain tech

Crypto Climate Accord

Growth of solar/wind as sources

Blockchain will affect every part of our life quote

UN Support of blockchain for climate




Carbon Climate initiative

Energy consensus on blockchain POW POS

Ellis Spiezia
Author: Ellis Spiezia

With a start in indoor karting and sim racing, Ellis Spiezia is a 16-year-old American electric racing driver paving an untraditional path. He is an ambassador for a new generation that will redefine education, the economy, equity & sustainability. He believes the rewards of being the first far outweigh the risks.