The Last Lap for May 8, 2022-Porsche Concept Cars and More

This week on the Last Lap, before you settle in to watch the Miami Grand Prix, I bring you everything from Porsche concept cars, the argument that launched Lamborghini, a documentary on the tragic Villeneuve/Prioni rivalry and some amazing in-car footage aboard a 1974 Hesketh, a McLaren MP4/5 and a Mazda RX-792P IMSA GTP. I also have news on a number of Concours d’Elegance that you may like to attend. Enjoy!

Porsche Concept Cars

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022
Porsche 906 Living Legend (2015)

Last week I posted a video of some Ferrari concept cars that were quite interesting, but perhaps less so for a Porsche fan. Fear not! Check out this huge compilation of Porsche concept cars going as far back as 1963. Enjoy!

Documentary on Villeneuve/Pironi Rivalry to be Released

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022
Didier Pironi (left) with Gilles Villeneuve

Legendary motorsport writer Nigel Roebuck wrote a column years ago called “Bad Blood At Maranello” about the simmering feud between Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi, a feud that many argue led directly to Villeneuve’s death. The feud between the two drivers has been a topic of debate ever since that fateful day in May. Now it has been announced that a documentary about the rivalry is being released. Villeneuve Pironi is set to offer a feature-length insight into the families of both drivers, with production credits including Mark Webber, and is set for release later this year.

1974 Hesketh James Hunt – Monaco Historic GP 2021 Onboard

Onboard of the start & first lap at the Monaco Historic GP 2021. Starting from last up to P6 during the race. Filmed with CamBox V4 Pro All credits & copyrights to Louis Delétraz @louisdeletraz

  • Car : Hesketh 1974 – James Hunt
  • Driver : Jean-Denis Delétraz
  • Owner : GPX Historic

IROC Porsches: The 935 & the International Race of Champions

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022

When you mention IROC (International Race of Champions), most people equate it with the Camaro and yet the made for TV series was started running Porsche 911s. Stuttcars looks back at the birth of IROC and the Porche 911 that was the foundation of the series. “As the logistics of the championship came together during 1973, Roger Penske also had to consider what cars he would use. He turned to Mark Donohue, who unequivocally recommended the Porsche 911, explaining that no one could make a run of cars to be as equal as Porsche could and that the factory would deliver a reliable turn-key racer for rather less than it would cost the Penske team to design and build one themselves.”

40th Anniversary of the Porsche 956

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022
Motorsports / DTM 4. race Nuernberg, Norisring

It was 40 years ago that Porsche unveiled the mighty 956, a race car like no other before it. It was made specifically to meet the rules of the FIA’s new Group C class for “sports prototypes.” With the rules laid out before him, designer Norbert Singer created a car that fit perfectly within the new specs and yet became such a dominating force that competitors seemed to be fighting only for second place. Autoweek has a great gallery of this mighty race car.

Bruno Senna Screams a V10 McLaren MP4/5 Round Goodwood

This McLaren Mp4/5 was raced by Ayrton Senna in F1. At the 79th Goodwood Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport his nephew Bruno Senna drove this stunning V10 Formula 1 racer in our demo of the F1 V10-era alongside a field of other Formula One machines. Courtesy of the fine folks at Goodwood Road & Racing.

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini: The Argument That Built Two Multi-Billion-Dollar Brands

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022

Huddle UP has a great article on the legendary argument between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari that led tho the founding of Lamborghini. “Ferruccio Lamborghini . . . he started yelling, he was so mad because he said, ‘I pay for my tractor 10 lire [for this part], and I paid Ferrari 1000 lire for the same part.’ So, one day, when he met Enzo Ferrari, the two started talking. During the discussion, Ferruccio Lamborghini had the bad idea to tell Enzo Ferrari, ‘You build your beautiful cars with my tractor parts.’ “

On-Board Lap of Long Beach in Mazda’s RX-792P IMSA GTP

Via Racer, ride with pro racer Tom Long in Mazda’s four-rotor RX-792P IMSA GTP machine from 1992 around the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Elegant Diversions

The Arizona Concours d’Elegance Is Back

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022

The Arizona Concours d’Elegance will be back, returning as one of the highlights of Arizona Car Week in January 2023. The fine automobiles show and competition will be held on the grass at the newly renovated Scottsdale Civic Center, bordered by the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art).

Hillsborough Concours to Celebrate Bay Area’s Ties to Racing

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022
Paul Bonner/Vintage Motorsport

Honoring the rich history of the San Francisco Bay Area and its ties to the motorsports world, this June’s 66th Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance will present a special educational seminar highlighting four historically significant race cars. The Concours will take place on Sunday, June 26 at the Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame, a city on the San Francisco Peninsula.

The Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance Has Moved

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022

The Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance, formerly held at the Las Vegas Ballpark, will move to the Wynn Golf Course. The three-day event is scheduled for October 28-30. Read more about it here.

Greenwich Concours d’Elegance is Returns

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022

The Greenwich Concours d’Elegance will be back at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park on June 3-5. Special classes include Vignale-bodied Ferraris, Chrysler “Letter” cars, and imported vehicles “Powered by America.” More details can be found here.

Molto Bella Auto Show

The Last Lap for May 8, 2022

The 9th annual Molto Bella Auto Show (aka “La Macchina Molto Bella”) will take place September 11, honoring 9/11 survivors and raising money for the Kidney Foundation of Ohio. Everything from exotics to classics are expected. More information is available here.

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