The Potential of Apple Vision Pro in Sim Racing

What is the potential of Apple Vision Pro to the future of Sim Racing? A critical one according to this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup.

I also bring you more news on the potentially ground-breaking sim racing to real world motorsports program Racing Prodigy, comparing a real racing car to iRacing, exercises that real-world racers can perform on their sim to help them on a real track and 50 sim racing mistakes made by beginners up to the pros.

I also have the latest competitive and general sim racing news and developments and tech news and reviews.

All this and more in this week’s Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its sim racing news for racers, not gamers.

From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

Racing Prodigy Radical Race Car

I mentioned this just before I left for holidays and talked about it in my Sim Racing Roundup column. As I have made abundantly clear in my Sim Racing Roundup columns, I firmly believe that sim racing can offer a genuine development path to real-world motorsport, and I have proven this with multiple examples week over week.

On June 1st, Racing Prodigy announced the launch of the Prodigy Racing League which is using esports as a pathway to real-world racing. Registration opens today for the first iRacing esports tournament, starting June 19, with additional tournaments planned across Street Kart Racing, rFactor 2, and RaceRoom over the summer/fall. This could be a gamechanger. Full details are available in my post.

I have also included some further coverage both on Racing Prodigy and some additional context on the role that sim racing can and will play in identifying future motorsport talent.

In the video above, Blayze pro racecar driver coach, Dion von Moltke demonstrates 5 Drills To Practice on a Sim For Real Life Driving.

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In light of the announcement that FIA F4 will be officially supported in iRacing, in the video above Daniel Morad compares real racing with iRacing to determine how closely the two compare. “This is a side-by-side video comparison of a real life lap and an iRacing lap at Circuit of the Americas in the Mercedes-AMG GT3. I walk through the performance of braking, mid-corner and on-throttle performance and how it compares and how it can be improved.”

The Potential of Apple Vision Pro in Sim Racing

Hot Cars explains why they think that the brand new, yet to be released Apple Vision Pro could become essential for Forza GT7 sim racing rigs.

There is a huge debate in the sim racing world about whether a VR setup or a three-monitor setup is the best. The Apple Vision Pro has the potential to do both. If full VR isn’t your cup of tea, the Apple Vision Pro’s tech can theoretically render three monitors or a massive curved monitor setup in front of your eyes. All you need to do is play your favorite sim racing app on your Mac and load it up on the Vision Pro.”

Sim Racing Roundup

Jaroslav ‘Jardier’ Honzik, one of the most influential racing Esports sensations, tells Grand Prix 247 how sim racing helped him overcome his struggles and his thoughts on its rising popularity.

He said: “That’s something I love about sim racing – you can do it so easily like you just get the gear and you can drive and it really doesn’t matter, you can do whatever you want and it never lets you down so that’s why I’ve been sim racing for 15/16 years.”

Sim Racing Roundup

Here are a great trio of articles on how simulators are used in Formula 1 that will give you a feel for the technology and the opportunities for sim racers in modern F1.

Competitive Sim Racing News

The Gran Turismo World Series (GTWS) Showdown 2023 will take place over two days from 11 August to 12 at the Theater Amsterdam in Amsterdam. Featuring the top drivers from the 2023 Online Series, it will be the first GTWS live event open to the general public in over three years and an exciting opportunity to witness all of the thrilling racing action live and in person.

Here are more headlines from the world of competitive sim racing:

Sim Racing Roundup

Sim Racing Tips & Techniques

In the video above, Suellio Almeida explains 50 Sim Racing Mistakes from Beginners to PRO Level. Download the PDF version for proper study on his website:

The Principles of Clean Racing | Ultimate Guide to Racecraft: Part 3

In the video above, Daniel Morad reveals the most realistic wheel settings for sim racing. “Dial in your wheel force feedback settings to feel like a real race car with this ultimate guide. I will take you through each setting and how it feels in relation to my real life race cars.”

Sim Racing Tech Roundup

Here is a roundup of the latest sim racing tech news and reviews from around the world.

The Potential of Apple Vision Pro in Sim Racing
The Potential of Apple Vision Pro in Sim Racing

General Sim Racing News

Sim Racing Roundup

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