An Opportunity to Experience Endurance Racing

An opportunity to experience endurance racing highlights this week’s Driver Development Roundup.

UK endurance racing team Dragon Sport have introduced their junior experience taster days set to take place this summer allowing drivers to experience what it is like to go endurance racing. I have all the details and how you can get involved.

I also have an in-depth look at driver ratings; what they are, how they are calculated and how they can impact the career of a race driver in this week’s edition of the Driver Development Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

An Opportunity to Experience Endurance Racing

The Dragon Sport Endurance Racing Team has introduced their Junior experience days program for those looking to try endurance racing. It’s a great opportunity for any driver in Karting, a Junior car series, or in fact, any senior license holder looking for a switch up to try endurance racing.

If you are interested, you just need to message the team and they’ll collate some details and come back to you with their plans. The days will run throughout June, July and August and will vary depending on availability, driver numbers, ages and experience.

Guaranteed on their days:

  • Expert tuition from Grade A Ards Coach
  • Drive out race spec Renault Clio Cup car
  • Professional race team on hand to look after the car and talk about future opportunities
  • Fun, banter and the Dragon Sport spirit 🐉

Contact the team through their website of various social media accounts for more details.

Le Mans Race Drivers

Autoweek looks into why driver ratings remain murky business for sports car racing. This is important as it goes to the economics of being a race driver and earning a living from motorsport.

“Why do series like IMSA rely on driver ratings? When there’s no manufacturer footing the bill, sports car racing is often funded by gentlemen drivers who buy the cars, pay for the teams and their co-drivers. Given the hefty sums involved, the gentlemen drivers want to race for victories on an equal footing with other teams.”

The FIA publishes driving ratings at for nearly 4,000 drivers. “The initial categorization,” reads the web page, “is based on the driver’s age and career record, which may be adjusted in subsequent seasons according to the recorded race pace and results of the series that are using the categorization system.”

Mark Boudreau
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