New Corvette Z06 GT3.R & This Week’s Motorsport Series News Roundup

The new Corvette Z06 GT3.R headlines this week’s edition of the Motorsport Series News Roundup. This brand new GT3 race car with a customer racing focus has the potential to shake up sports car racing.

In addition to the new Vette, I have details on the new BMW-based 120 Coupe Cup, details on how to test a Revolution Race Car, the 2023 U.S. Formula 5000 Revival Race schedule and the 2023 Philippine Motorsports Calendar.

All this and more in this week’s Motorsport Series News Roundup.


New Corvette Z06 GT3.R & This Week’s Motorsport Series News Roundup
Corvette Z06 GT3.R

Chevrolet has revealed its first GT3 car, the all-new Corvette Z06 GT3.R. Corvette Racing is entering its second year racing a car adapted from its GTLM race car to fit into GTD parameters, but Corvette Racing, as well as customer teams, will have a fully FIA-homologated car eligible for IMSA’s GTD PRO and GTD classes as well as GT3 championships worldwide. That could mean Corvettes at such iconic races as the 24 Hours of Spa, the 12 Hours of Bathurst or the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, where they usually have not had the option to compete.

According to Motorsport Week, it was confirmed that “a number of teams have already reached out with interest to run the new Corvette Z06 GT3.R. Corvette was not willing to disclose exact figures but hinted at the fact that there could be three to four times the number of teams interested than they are willing to provide cars to at this time. The Z06 GT3.R will run any customers a baseline price tag of $735k and with that you get delivery of a car ready to run a standard sprint race as well as technical support from Corvette. They also referenced an online portal customers could use to source parts, review documents and review software updates made to the car from Corvette.”

Motorsport Series & Track Day News for February 1, 2022

The 750 Motor Club in the UK is introducing the new 120 Coupe Cup. See graphic above for all the details.

The organizers of the Spec MX-5 Challenge have updated their Sporting Regulations. Below are a few highlights but you can and should read the full details here if you plan to compete.

  • Points registration is REQUIRED to race in any Spec MX-5 race
  • There are no more regional championships – just one regular season classification.  This was done due to popular demand and will be less confusion going into the National Championship
  • There is a top-5 regular season payout, plus the National Championship will have a top-5 payout, with Masters, 2x Hard Chargers, & the PAGID Crew Member of the Year also receiving a payout
  • We will be policing car appearance much more stringently than years’ past, where failure to have REQUIRED decals installed may lead to race disqualification.  Mazda Motorsports will be providing decals from 2023 on, however you can download most of the vector files HERE
  • There will be no more “gentlemen’s tire agreement” – it is now a Series rule to only allow only 1 (one) sticker set of tires per event for the regular season (Championship will be 2 (two) like last year
  • Only Series Registered Drivers are allowed to drive in any on-track SMX session (rule clarified)
  • Regular season points ranking is determined by the best 7 (seven) races of a season, which are counted towards your final points.
    NOTE: For each event weekend there are 2 races. If you run 4 events, that is 8 races. Of those 8 races, your best 7 races will count. If you run more than 4 events, only your best 7 races will count towards final points. If you are disqualified from any race(s) for any reason, the 0 points earned for that race(s) will automatically be counted towards your best 7 races.
  • The top-10 drivers who qualify for the Championship Event will start the Championship Event with the carryover points of the position they finished in during the regular season (e.g., the highest placing driver (1st) will enter the Championship Event with 10 points, where the tenth-place driver (10th) will enter with 1 point). All drivers will earn additional points from the races at the Championship Event. Each Championship race is counted as double points on the same scale as the regular season.  This means virtually everyone has a chance at winning the National Championship.

If you are racing an MX-5 or are hoping to do so in the future, you will be happy to know that Mazda says that the Miata will continue to exist forever. “I think [the MX-5] will continue to exist forever and it will have to go with the times,” ten Brink told Autocar. “That’s a super challenge, and people are passionate about this car in Mazda. Of course, as you can imagine, people have opinions on which direction it should go. So I’m very curious where it will end up, but it will definitely remain part of the lineup.”

A Thursday Test Day has now been added to MPG’s Round 01 Spring Mountain Test. “Since this is the first time visiting Spring Mountain we’ve decided to add a Thursday test to the weekend to give competitors a chance to drive the track beforehand. Limited spots are available so register ASAP! Once spots are full drivers will be put on a waitlist. The test day cost is $750 and will offer 3+ hours of track time! Don’t pass up this opportunity to get some laps in before the first race.”

Location: Spring Mountain, 4767 NV-160, Pahrump, NV 89048
Test Date: April 20th
Price: Register before April 6th cost is $750, registering after April 6th the cost will be $1,250
Series Eligible: GT Celebration, Prototype Celebration, Cup Celebration, M2 Celebration and Porsche Sprint Challenge

You can register here.

New Corvette Z06 GT3.R & This Week’s Motorsport Series News Roundup

The Radical SR8 LM is a lightweight, sports prototype car produced by Radical Motorsport. It weighs around 700kg, and is powered by a bespoke, hand-built 460bhp 2.8L V8. Despite its race car styling and tarmac-scraping height, the SR8 LM is one of the few Radical Motorsport models that is road-legal. One particular SR8 LM broke the all-time production car record for the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 2009. Chassis 73. You can read about the Road to the Ring and then watch the video of it on track above.

New Corvette Z06 GT3.R & This Week’s Motorsport Series News Roundup

Want to take the Revolution 427 and the new 500SC out for a test drive? Then get in touch with Revolution Race Cars to attend a test day and see how similar the cars are to an LMP machine. They work with a range of premium track day organizers to offer tailor-made packages for testing, track experiences and corporate events. Tests are usually held at open pit lane days and are limited to 4 drivers per day so you can enjoy your first experience at the wheel of the Revolution with an instructor on site who will be there to guide you. New test dates will be added very soon so check back regularly or contact them for bespoke rental packages.


Motorsport Series & Track Day News for February 1, 2022

Seb Coppola, President of the Formula 5000 Drivers Association has announced a season of four Revival Series racing events at three of North America’s best race tracks where Formula 5000 cars competed from 1968 to 1976, and will compete again in 2023.

The 2023 U.S. Formula 5000 Revival Races:

  • April 27-30 Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta (HSR The Mitty)
  • July 12-16: Road America (The WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman)
  • Aug. 11-12: Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca (Rolex Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion)
  • Aug. 16-19: Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca (Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion)

Miscellaneous Racing Series

If you race in the Philippines or are looking to do so, Time Attack Manila has published the 2023 Philippine Motorsports Calendar featuring everything from karting, autocross, GT racing and more.

Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack’s 2023 schedule involves more than 100 events at 30-plus racetracks across America. All that’s needed is you. From those with zero on-track experience to seasoned enthusiasts looking for extra seat time, SCCA’s Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack is the place to be. This year, Track Night in America (TNiA) is that and more, as it jumps into its ninth season of events that revolutionized the way people can access racetracks. The concept is simple: People are busy, with life commitments getting in the way of enjoying quality track time. Enter TNiA, where a few hours in one day can place you and your street car on the track – you know, where you belong.

Click here for more information:

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