Josh Bilicki

Preparing for 2023 and the Business of Being a Race Driver

Hunter Yeany

As 2022 comes to an end, with respect to the business of being a race driver, you should already be preparing for 2023. This week’s Business of Being a Race Driver Roundup column contains plenty of ideas and information that will help. This week I feature a number of tips of what you can do … Read more

Business of Motorsport for August 12, 2022-Lessons From the Piranha Club

Eddie Jordan and Michael Schumacher

A few weeks ago, the Business of Motorsport brought you Tales from the Piranha Club. This week starts off with a few lessons from the same infamous “Piranha Club” where tales of competing contracts, broken promises and midnight deadlines abound. I also look at F1’s record second quarter results, Supercars boardroom news, Formula E’s formula … Read more