The Business of Being a Race Driver for February 8, 2022 – Hashtags, Sports Car Racing and More

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2021 SCCA Runoffs, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This week on The Business of Being a Race Driver I look at a few of the very diverse things you need to do to build up your network and analyze the costs involved in racing. I also feature an F1600 team looking for drivers and the appeal of sports car racing both from a competitive standpoint as well as a budgetary one. Let’s go!

  • Networking in 2022 involves a combination of meeting and introducing yourself to people in person and doing the digital version online. LinkedIn is popular because it is business-oriented and Megan Lingner looks at how you can use hashtags to maximize your chances of connecting with somebody on the social network.
  • Last year I chatted with Paul Charsley about the The Appeal and Opportunity of Sportscar Racing. During our conversation he had some great advice on how sports cars present numerous opportunities to climb the motorsport ladder with a budget considerably more attainable than in single-seaters.
  • Speaking of sports cars, the Spec MX-5 Challenge is an excellent series that can be a goal in and of itself or a stepping stone to professional motorsport. Mazda has put together an excellent video that explains what the series is all about which you can watch below.
  • The SCCA has again created a series of visual tutorials that are educational snippets highlighting suspension advice, tire tech, weight balancing info, left-foot braking and heel-toe instruction, guidance for conserving consumables, prepping for tech inspection, and more. You can check them out on their YouTube channel here.
  • Finally, veteran F1600 racing team Brian Graham Racing is currently seeking drivers to compete in the USA based FRP F1600 Championship. The team is looking to concentrate on a two car effort which will allow a much more focused pursuit of success. The Piper DL7 chassis run by the team includes several BGR developed upgrades and the goal remains the same as it has been for many years, winning races and contending for championships. Interested drivers can contact the team at
Mark Boudreau
Author: Mark Boudreau

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