As the holiday season comes to a close our eyes turn towards the upcoming racing season. In anticipation of this, I think it only appropriate that we remind ourselves of why it is we love this great sport and I do that through the camera lens of Joseph Bierschbach.

Joseph Bierschbach

Joseph Bierschbach

The exhibit is divided into two parts: The Cars and The People.

While the cars continue to evolve and liveries continue to change, they still never fail to make us smile whether we are driving them or watching them running full throttle through a corner or at rest in the garage. And the sport would not be a sport without the people that we encounter at every track around the world. Whether it be the drivers, pit crews, engineers, managers, series and track officials, volunteers and the fans, it is the people that truly make motorsport what it is.

You can find more information on Joseph in his Motorsport Prospects listing here.


The Cars

The People

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