Looking ahead to 2019 at Motorsport Prospects

Looking ahead to 2019 at Motorsport Prospects

Increase the number of listings both in quantity and in quality

I currently have in my still growing internal database a further 198 teams, 105 series and 269 motorsport related services as well as 135 young driver programs that still need to be vetted, researched and added to the site. In addition to adding these listings I will be rewriting those that already exist to make them more informative and thus more useful. On top of that I will be opening up the site to stakeholders being able to add their own listings (once I have vetted them) in addition to being able to claim ownership of them on the site and interact directly with members and visitors.

Increased marketing

2018 was a time of networking both in person and online and I will accelerate this in 2019 so that more drivers, team owners, media and parents are aware of the site and what it can offer them. Expect more opportunities for stakeholders to be able to get more involved with the site and to use it to help them achieve their goals in 2019 and beyond. Look for me at a track near you!

Rebuild the site to be more modern, robust and interactive

Technology like in racing is constantly shifting and as I evaluated the site recently, I realized that it needed a technological overhaul if it was to cope with my plans for 2019 and beyond. With that in mind I have embarked on a rewrite of the site to make the underlying code more robust and efficient and to make the site both easier to use and more capable. Look for a bit of a different look as well!

Increase the quantity of interviews and features on the blog

The blog featured 10 posts in 2018 and the intention is to increase that significantly in 2019 with a continued emphasis on young driver development. These features will hopefully be both entertaining and informative to the motorsport community as they cover the width and breadth of motorsport in 2019 and beyond. Don’t be surprised if I approach you for an interview over the course of the season and by all means contact me at mark@motorsportprospects.com if you would like to chat!

Membership will have its privileges

While Motorsport Prospects is free to access, the free membership option does have its benefits, something I have not highlighted much in 2018. This will change in 2019. Look for more reasons to register with the site and more tools made available to you to make the site more helpful. And you will finally get a newsletter!

Set the path for the future

There are a lot of improvements, additions and overall exciting plans that will be put into place in 2019 and beyond. I don’t want to say too much about them but based on the feedback I have been getting both at the track and online, Motorsport Prospects should become both more informative and more useful to the motorsport community in the coming months. In addition, I will be launching some services through the site that should benefit the community as a whole. I look forward to unveiling my plans as the year progresses.

Thank you

I would be remiss not to thank all of the incredible people I have met, collaborated with, cheered on and chatted online with over the course of these last 12 months. The motorsport community, while being the epitome of competition is blessed with some incredible people whose love of the sport can never be questioned. At the end of the day racing is all about people and the people never cease to both amaze me and educate me. I look forward to more of this in the year to come.

To all of you reading I wish you a safe, healthy and fast 2019 filled with smiles, wins and personal bests all around. It looks to be an amazing year for us all.



Mark Boudreau
Author: Mark Boudreau

Mark is the publisher of Motorsport Prospects. As a former lawyer, he applies his legal background and research skills to assist race drivers by showcasing the resources they need to make their motorsport careers happen.

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