Motorsport Prospects

Motorsport Prospects on the MotiV8 Training Motorsport Coaching Podcast

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was recently a guest on the extremely informative Motorsport Coaching podcast presented by MotiV8 Training. In the podcast I talk about the mission of Motorsport Prospects, why I am doing it and why drivers should check it out. You can download the podcast on all the popular podcasting services including Apple Podcasts here. Enjoy … Read more

Introducing Motorsport Prospects Version 2.0

Reading Time: 6 minutes On December 1st the brand-new Motorsport Prospects soft-launched (surprise!). Over the next two weeks I will be reviewing what has been going on since the last mid-season review in June and explaining why I revamped the site and what you can expect in the future. What is Motorsport Prospects? The mission of Motorsport Prospects is … Read more

The Mid-Season Wrap Up of What has been Happening on Motorsport Prospects Part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes So last week I talked a bit about what has been going on at Motorsport Prospects in the first half of the year with a focus on the Motorsport Prospects Blog and all the great motorsport content that has been available since January. If you missed the post you can read it here. For this … Read more

The Mid-Season Wrap Up of What has been Happening on Motorsport Prospects

Reading Time: 5 minutes As Canadian Grand Prix weekend has just concluded I think it is the perfect time to reflect on what has been going on at Motorsport Prospects both in the past and in the near future. So without further ado here is what has been happening: The Blog One of my goals for Motorsport Prospects has … Read more

Looking ahead to 2019 at Motorsport Prospects

Reading Time: 3 minutes Increase the number of listings both in quantity and in quality I currently have in my still growing internal database a further 198 teams, 105 series and 269 motorsport related services as well as 135 young driver programs that still need to be vetted, researched and added to the site. In addition to adding these … Read more

Motorsport Prospects Site Update!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hopefully the fact that you are reading this here means you are aware of Motorsport Prospects but if  you are not, I have been working on a website (and soon to be app) called Motorsport Prospects with the intention of providing an independent motorsport resource guide for drivers and motorsport professionals with a specific emphasis … Read more

The Weekly Debrief – What is Motorsport Prospects and why am I doing this?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can Motorsport Prospects make a difference? Motorsport is a strange sport in a lot of ways. It is as much about hustling for sponsorship as it is winning races. It is a sport where the business of racing sometimes overwhelms the competition of racing. And it is extremely expensive to compete in let alone to … Read more