Alexander Rossi’s 5 Race Weekend Essentials and the Ginetta G56 GT4

Included in this week’s Racecraft Roundup are a look at Alexander Rossi’s 5 race weekend essentials and the Ginetta G56 GT4 race car.

I also bring you racing tips from GT3 racer Daniel Morad and driver coach extraordinaire Ross Bentley, how to choose the best lap timer, reducing your race weekend nerves and much more.

All this in the Racecraft Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques


In the video Braking Bad above, GT3 Driver Daniel Morad reveals 3 secrets to make you faster on track.

In Ross Bentley’s latest column Coach’s Corners, he explains why racing is so different … and difficult. “If you were to ask someone who has never raced how hard they think it Would be, they’ll likely relate it to having driven a mountain highway, or across the country. I’ve received responses like, “How hard could it be? I drive every day, and it’s not hard.” That’s the problem.”

Ross also answers the question in his latest Ask Ross column: Can you talk about rotating the car into a corner using lots of rear brake bias?

Each month, Aim Technologies‘ resident datadriven teacher James Colborn conducts informative webinars using the ‘Zoom’ platform.

James Colborn is a UK based racer who has spent well over a decade helping people improve their racing performance using data analysis. James’ experience spans many data platforms, however, since 2010, James has been delivering seminars, webinars and coaching using AiM solutions.

Partnering with AiM Technologies and AiM Sports, James publishes videos on YouTube (you can find James’ Channel here) which cover topics such as configuration “how to” type videos to in depth data analysis. You might also recognize James’ voice on the AiM Shop “AiM Academy” videos. To learn more about James, please visit

Samir Abid of Your Data Driven looks at How To Choose The Best Lap Timer. “Choosing the best lap timer is tricky. They all seem to do the same thing – that is until you dig a bit deeper and discover they don’t! Deciding which lap timer is best then becomes (another!) tech research project. Working out the best value features and functions for you today – and the potential you tomorrow – is hard.”

Blayze pro racecar driver coach, Dion von Moltke joins Grassroots Motorsports to coach their rookie driver, Jesse. In this video drivers are introduced to how professional coaching is not just for the experienced drivers, but that even after just one day on the race track you can benefit from having a racecar coach. Dion talks to Jesse about the need to have a plan, how to learn a race track, and more to help him find speed and consistency!

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Motorsport Magazine looks at the relationship between driver and engineer in Talking different languages: when F1 drivers & engineers can’t click. “No-one can design a car around a driver,” says vastly experienced former technical director Pat Symonds. “That’s a complete myth. No-one is clever enough to do that.”


Enzo Mucci gets back to mental performance and talks about how you can run things so you are at your best when at race meetings in the video above. This will help you stay more in control emotionally and help you overcome performance anxiety.

The video above looks at maximizing an athlete’s cognitive development through Progressive Overload Training. “One of the most important principles in cognitive training is Progressive Overload. But what exactly is Progressive Overload, and how can it be used to enhance cognitive performance?”

During a busy Long Beach race weekend, Alexander Rossi sat down with Podium Life to share his top 5 Race Weekend Essentials in the video above.

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Photography Credit: Courtesy Ginetta USA

Grassroots Motorsports asks the question, is the Ginetta G56 GT4 the best homologated race car you’ve never heard of? “Despite being nearly 10 seconds faster on a 1.5-minute track, the GT4 felt easier to drive. I think that the tire compliance was a significant factor, but everything is better in the GT4. Center of gravity, weight distribution, brakes, engine, and gearbox. The GT4’s 18-inch Michelin slicks are communicating through one of the best steering systems I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s a hydraulic rack and, combined with the rigidity of the chassis, you can drive the track as if you’re reading braille.”

No Money Motorsports answers the question, what do ALL the Different names for SPEC Miata Mean? SMT, SSM, etc) and WHERE can I race them?

“I’ve said it a few hundred times on this blog: Spec Miata is THE biggest Road Racing class in America, this brings with it certain advantages. A huge knowledge base, lots of support from both Mazda and the Aftermarket, but most of all: OTHER PEOPLE TO RACE. Spec Miata is raced in the two of the largest road-racing clubs (SCCA and NASA), but also is raced in a bunch of local series across the country.”

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