Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

It’s all about Black Friday 2023 this week as I bring you a roundup of some of the Black Friday sim racing deals that are available this year.

You will also see how a sim racer fares in his first attempt at racing a Radical, how an iRacing champion is working to race in NASCAR and a free iRacing guide that will help you develop your sim racing skills.

All this plus the latest competitive and general sim racing news, tech reviews and tips and advice in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its sim racing news for racers not gamers.

From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

Watch sim racer Suellio Almeida as he tries the SCARIEST experience in racing so far. “Here’s my progression from being 15 seconds off to being on the same second of the fastest guys in the weekend!

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

In Racing Prodigy’s Prodigy Racing League Season 1, part 1, 60,000 racers competed globally for 12 golden tickets across four racing games to earn their all-expense paid opportunity in the Prodigy Racing League’s real-world racing tryouts, Prodigy Week. Many of the drivers set faster laps than pros, and it was proven once again that the skills transfer from screen to track.

They are gearing up for more esports tournaments to kick off part 2 of Season 1, with the goal of a racing-packed 2024:

  • Prodigy Week – Part 2
  • Prodigy Draft
  • Prodigy Racing League (PRL) Real-World Series – Level 1
  • Season 2 Esports Tournaments

More details here:

Sim Racing Roundup

CBS Sports has a great profile of eNASCAR racer Garrett Lowe as he works to translate his success in iRacing to real-life success in NASCAR.

In an era where eSports and competitive gaming have become enormously lucrative and enjoy unprecedented legitimacy, sim racing has become serious business in NASCAR. And that’s in large part because, unlike most all other eSports, sim racing has become an increasingly viable gateway to great opportunities at the very highest levels of the real thing.”

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

Here is another article from Car Buzz proving once again that sim racing games nowadays can prepare you for genuine motorsport.

A sim racer with no prior experience in drifting has gone on to show the world that skills acquired via video games can be translated into real life. He did this by hopping on a Nissan S15 Formula Drift (FD) car and, with only minimal guidance, made it go sideways like a pro.

The gamer in question is Zack O’Sullivan, known more popularly by his gamer tag ‘Mistified.’ Initially, he made a name for himself in the sim racing world by winning competitions and finishing on top of race leagues in games like Forza Motorsport. Later on, he moved to sim drifting in Assetto Corsa, where he is known for kicking butt in an A70/Mk3 Toyota Supra.

Sim-Racer Drives Real-Life Drift Car For The First Time With Epic Results

Competitive Sim Racing News

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

Here are more headlines from the world of competitive sim racing.

Team Redline Red Bull Sim Racing

Sim Racing Tips & Techniques

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

Advanced Motorsports

Advanced Motorsports has just released their iRacing Ultimate Guide and the basic version is free!

We will teach you everything you need to know to get started on iRacing. This guide is designed to be consumed in smaller, easily digestible portions. Each chapter has been divided into bite-sized content, making it convenient for you to locate the specific information you need quickly and return to your task of driving.”

  • Get started on iRacing
  • Bite-Sized Content with timestamps
  • Learn how to configure the most important controls
  • Structured to find the information quickly
  • Combine with our Premium Guide for maximum value

Sim Racing Tech Roundup

Here is a roundup of the latest sim racing tech news, reviews, and recommendations from around the world.

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals
Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

General Sim Racing News

Black Friday!

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals
Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

Black Friday 2023 Sim Racing Deals

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