F4 CEZ Academy Announces First Graduate

The new F4 CEZ Academy has announced their first graduate as they take a different approach to scouting driver talent. You can find the details in this week’s Driver Development Roundup.

I also have tips on how you can get spotted by motorsport talent scouts, the 5 roles that parents of female drivers play and how the FIA is accelerating its efforts to inspire future generations and double global participation in motor sport by partnering with iRacing. All this and more in this week’s edition of the Driver Development Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

F4 CEZ Academy

Czech driver Martin Knápek has become the first winner of the F4 CEZ Academy. Launched by F4 CEZ earlier this year, the program puts young drivers through their paces to identify talent and prepare them for future seasons of the championship.

The academy will be open all year round, and other interested parties can apply at any time. Through its unique program, drivers can gain invaluable skills and experiences that may aid in their career development.

Full details on the program can be found here.

F4 CEZ Academy Announces First Graduate

In the video above, Enzo Mucci explains how to get spotted in motorsport. “One of the biggest goals for a racing driver, is getting spotted and being offered a professional contact by a team or a manufacturer. Here I will share with you what spotters and scouts are looking for.”

More Than Equal explains the 5 Roles Parents of Female Drivers Play.

“More than half (55%) of female drivers reported that their parents were critical to their success. However, there is limited research and education for parents on how to support their daughters most effectively. Using interview data collected from our research, we found that the parents of female drivers must routinely fulfil five unique, challenging and varied roles to support their daughters’ progression and success in motorsport. This article delves deeper into these findings.”

FIA iRacing Grassroots Motorsport

The FIA is accelerating its efforts to inspire future generations and double global participation in motor sport, after partner iRacing confirmed it will provide the governing body with a host of promotional codes for ASN members to pilot the FIA F4 car on its platform.

FIA Formula 4 is widely regarded as the first step on the single-seater ladder for drivers stepping up from karting into car racing. It has grown in popularity all around the world since its inception back in 2014, with series now established on no fewer than four continents.

That success story was the catalyst for recently bringing the FIA Formula 4 discipline to iRacing – the world’s premier motor sport simulation and eSports specialist, boasting more than 250,000 active users.

iRacing has subsequently offered the FIA 12-month promotional codes – worth in excess of $60 million USD in total – to be passed on to ASNs and thereafter distributed as they see fit. To receive a code, users must satisfy certain conditions, with 59 ASNs having requested codes so far. Each ASNs’ respective contact details can be found on www.fia.com/iRacing.

Esports initiatives remove traditional barriers to entry by offering a low-cost and easily accessible route into grassroots motor sport and from there, potentially, physical competition.

With many of the circuits visited by FIA Formula 4 readily available on iRacing, a virtual car benefitting from the same level of analysis, data and detail as its real-world cousin and a large number of national ASNs already running events on the platform, the FIA’s pioneering partnership with the organisation presents a golden opportunity for future stars of the circuit to get their start in the sport on the burgeoning sim racing scene.

*To redeem your NEW iRacing membership code, go to www.iracing.com/membership and enter the promotional code you receive from your ASN.

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