Formula 1 Forges a Deeper Connection with F1 Academy

Formula 1 has forged a deeper connection with its F1 Academy program as the series has announced a stepped-up relationship with the female driver development program.

In addition to the F1 Academy, I bring you details on who is driving in which F1 Young Driver program.

It’s all Formula 1 in this week’s edition of the Driver Development Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

F1 Academy Class of 2023

The connection between Formula 1 and the F1 Academy will be stronger in 2024 as Formula 1 and F1 Academy have announced that, as of the 2024 season, all 10 F1 teams will have one driver and their livery on one car competing in the all-female racer series.

From 2024, 10 of these drivers will be nominated by F1 teams and each team will have their livery on one car, with details on the drivers and liveries to be confirmed by the F1 teams at a later time. The remaining five drivers in the series are set to be supported by other partners, with announcements surrounding these also to be made in due course. The final 2024 driver line up for each team will be revealed at a later date.

First and foremost, I want to thank the Formula 1 teams for their support and vision as we embark on this journey together,” said Susie Wolff, Managing Director of F1 Academy. “This landmark moment not only demonstrates the depth of support for F1 Academy from across the F1 community but will inspire a whole generation of young girls to realize the opportunities both on and off track in motorsport.” looks at all the F1 driver academies and explains which drivers are signed to which teams. “Some of these ‘academies’ are more extensive in their training and budgetary support and more effective than others, but at least it shows that the F1 elite are keeping the door ajar for those who are good enough – and helping them on their way.”

Mark Boudreau
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