From Sim Drifting to the Real Thing

This week you will learn how a sim drifting champion adapts to real-world Formula Drift. You will also find out how you can drive a sim version of the legendary Hesketh 308.

I also have details on two amazing sim racing competitions, the physical conditioning tests facing drivers at Prodigy Week and the latest sim racing news and technical reviews.

All this in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its news for racers not gamers.

From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

From Sim Drifting to the Real Thing

In the video above, watch a Sim Drifting Champion drive a Formula Drift Car for the first time. “Ever since joining forces with my good friend Zack, I’ve been itching to see what he can do behind the wheel of a real race car. Zack has thousands of hours the sim, but little to no real-life on-track experience. The age-old debate has raged on: Can a simulator truly prepare you for the thrilling world of real-life racing, or is it just a digital playground? In today’s video, we put speculation to rest and dive headfirst into the heart-pounding action. Join us as we uncover the truth and settle the debate once and for all!

From Sim Drifting to the Real Thing

In the video above, Jim Leo of PitFit Training explains the physical fitness evaluations on that he will be conducting on the 12 Prodigy Week drivers from Racing Prodigy that will be taking place next week.

Jim will test drivers on:

  • Endurance via a 12-minute treadmill run (Cooper test)
  • Grip strength (dead hang test)
  • Upper body strength (push-up test)
  • Neck strength
  • Hand/eye reflex and reaction test

Competitive Sim Racing News

Sim Racing Roundup

It was great seeing iRacing sponsoring the heat races at least weekend’s legendary Formula Ford Festival in the UK and the partnership does not end there.

In a collaborative endeavor between iRacing, the British Racing and Sports Car Club and Motorsport UK Esports, the world-renowned Formula Ford Festival will become an open special event on the service.

Dubbed the BRSCC iRacing FF1600 Festival, players can compete across four designated timeslots from 17-18 November. There are four races held across all splits, with two heat races of ten laps. Another ten-lap race for the Last Chance Qualifier and a 20-lap Final follow the heats.

Like other iRacing Special Events, the timeslots are 22:00 GMT on 17 November, and 7:00, 12:00 and 16:00 GMT on 18 November. It is open to all players who have a licence of Rookie 4.0 at a minimum. Drivers who sign up will be assigned heats in their splits, with 28 drivers per heat and the top 13 making the Final.

Every other driver goes through the Last Chance Qualifier. The top four advance, making it 30 drivers for the Final. Much like the real life event, a driver’s finishing position will most likely dictate their starting place for their next race. There will be the typical 8-minute 2-lap lone qualifying to decide the driver’s starting positions for their heats.

More details and how to register can be found here.

Here are more headlines from the world of competitive sim racing.

Sim Racing Roundup

The Screen to Speed Fall Cup registration is now LIVE! Click here for more information and to register.

Sim Racing Roundup

PhilStar Global looks at Team Philippines as they compete in the Asia Finals of Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup 2023.

Sim racing and real racing are very similar. The difference only is the G force. In sim racing, you don’t feel the movement. But in sim racing, you can translate what you learn to real racing. So it’s a good training before you go out on the track. It saves time and money practicing and you can also find coaches,” he told in an exclusive interview.

Sim Racing Tips & Techniques

CDA4 Single Make Release Notes (Coach Dave Academy)

Sim Racing Tech Roundup

Sim Racing Roundup

If you have always wanted to drive James Hunt’s iconic Hesketh 308, now is your chance to at least simulate it. In a groundbreaking collaboration with Base Performance, one of the world’s leading companies in the racing simulator industry, Retro Sims has introduced the Hesketh 308 Blade.

We’re giving you the opportunity to drive ‘old school’. manual gearbox, heel and toe, pure driving. just like Hunt, Senna and Lauda. Of course with the Hesketh Racing 308 Blade you can always revert to paddle shift to make things easier, but if you’re going to drive the Heskeh 308 in 1975 RETRO mode you will need to find your INNER JAMES.”

More details and what is included can be found here.

Here is a roundup of more sim racing tech news, reviews, and recommendations from around the world.

From Sim Drifting to the Real Thing
From Sim Drifting to the Real Thing

General Sim Racing News

Sim Racing Roundup
From Sim Drifting to the Real Thing
From Sim Drifting to the Real Thing

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